Get 2000% Returns GUARANTEED* In These Legit Pump Groups! Easy Bitcoin

Results may not actually be guaranteed. Let’s take a look at some pump and dump groups. Warnings abound on the internet about these organizations, claiming that they’re nefarious scams. But…


  1. Profits in 2 mins is completely unrealistic because the massive sell orders from the members already involved. Isn’t that correct?
    If I put $500 in I would never be able to sell in time, right? There would be a huge sell wall and the guys with all the coins will sell under what you would be selling at. Thanks brah, loving the channel.

  2. I found your YouTube yesterday after I was done watching a video about bitconnect being a Ponzi scheme. After watching your 40 min video about bitconnect, I subscribed. We need someone like you in the crypto space. A lot of manipulative and or ignorant leaders out here, and your sarcastic way of exposing them is a breath of fresh air! Keep it up!

  3. There is no get rich quick guarantee. You either get lucky, study and buy decent hodl coins, learn TA and application of FA strategies (preferred method/ most labor intensive), or go get a real job.

  4. aaah man I thought this was one of those get rich so quick it hurts (like 20k Debt) vids! How can you get away with using misleading titles this …. you …. you … dirty rotten scoundrel you!!!

  5. Is there any other reason other than greed which would have First World people "invest" their hard-earned in an intangible unregulated commodity? I guess they must be the smart ones. Good luck with that.

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