1. That's why I only listen and watch Max Igan shows. No more listening to people who claim they worked inside deep space program off planet without any proof. Another gate keeping operation I call that too. None of those people or anyone else in truth community I never hear them saying all people should unite work together and stop attacking undermining one another. Divide and conquer still working well sadly. That is why I choose not to be live in anything absolutely nothing. That includes fake religions politics standing armies police and other garbage that promotes wars hatred and division.

  2. I agree, theyโ€™ve censored what we are able to access. There was a pyramid in the Himalayas, larger than the pyramid of Giza with a quartz crystal capstone that I found online some years ago. When I tried to look it up again, all info and access was swiped from the search engines. Even on social media, I believe many of the people who โ€˜subscribedโ€™ to my accounts are being limited from accessing my profiles…limiting any influence or radical change. Theyโ€™ve been promoting subjects that keep people dumbed down and in place…ex: fear based media, violence, sex, etc…toxic mind food that prevents many from overcoming mental constructs and programming. Itโ€™s baffling. I understand what you are trying to do, but if more people are not proactively trying to expand, then I suppose society in general would prefer to promote the new world order…theyโ€™re literally handing over their power to someone else. I think itโ€™s a hard battle, because you can distribute the information, but you need to be able to plug into a receptive audience on a mass scale. The few of us that do our part to distribute the info, are attacked and most times our words fall upon deaf ears….either way, we are silenced…through ignorance or by limiting our viewpoints because we are censored. I am hopeful, but a realist. I have ultimately accepted the fact that maybe we just have to let everything fall apart, so it can be rebuilt, reconstructed, or redistributed in a way that creation deems it to be.

  3. When someone doesn't agree with you, you shouldn't say there stuck in a program or some other bull shit like your not red pilled that make zero since. Attack the argument not the person

  4. Untrue regarding Trump quote 'not changing things'. Fear porn for the masses. CIA dribble.
    If we were dealing with just a man, yeah, he by himself or just a few in military intelligence can not 'change things', but God is driving this ship, so things ARE changing. Channels like this feed on mass fear. Period. Offer nothing but more fear. @Max

    How am I clear on this topic? Max literally is stating Qanon can not change things, when in fact, Qanon and those behind are changing things. So WRONG Max. Awful of you to state so. Like you have a clue.

    5G won't go away now because Rothschilds are not USA citizens and they run 5G. Period. Will take time and work to pull down UN/NWO/Beast out of the Sea. One more year, at least.

    And you Max fail to see spiritual war at work here too. God wins. Period.

  5. Quick overview…gatekeepers, gatekeepers, gatekeepers, gatekeepers, gatekeepers, gatekeepers, q and trump bad, gatekeepers, gatekeepers, gatekeepers, doom!
    Oh and lose the smart phone (the only sense involved)

  6. Much thanks Max – I also very much would love to hear more about the entire Palestinian travesty, while I know you've shared some, I'd love more. It has really surprised me at times when good Jewish people actually back the state of Israel in this Greatest of Travesties of our time – I imagine they've simply bought the media narrative and have taken a stand without really knowing anything…

  7. Hi Max i enjoy listening to you and would like to comment on the flat earth movement.
    I looked into this subject and by doing my research and thinking outside the box i can see that we do not live on a spinning ball that we have been brainwashed to believe- so that said i think that there of course there is still reasons for the lies of our real home that we will never know or understand. – but in seeing that perhaps we are under a dome and that all this has been created for us has impacted my life and heart. i know that there are trolls on either side of this subject to stop people from investigating the truth – so i just want to say sorry for the attacks but i don't think they come from a good and healthy place. Keep up your wonderful radio show. Peace and light to you.

  8. Good!!! This is what society needs have everything taken away leaving them wondering what happened? Then they'll finally say nobody told us and why didn't someone stop them?

  9. I am struggling at the moment. The whole Alex Jones situation has got idiots protesting their own free speech. Is it possible to find a way out of this? I try and stay positive, but these people don't want to help themselves. They just attack and name-call whenever presented with information conflicting their own personal believes. I don't feel like it is worth the battle anymore. What is the next step I should take?

  10. The Journey Home

    Do you think the world is drowning in philosophical ideologies and theological doctrines that are either half-baked or downright insane?

    Are you looking for answers?

    The road less travelled is the narrow path that leads to salvation (peace of mind) where true wisdom rests in eternal perfection.

    The greatest set of questions anyone can ask themselves include:

    1) Who am I?
    2) How did we get here?
    3) Why am I here?
    4) Where am we going?

    The answers are equally as profound as the questions because a path is illuminated at the realisation of their significance.

    Here are the answers:

    1) You are a Child of Light.
    2) We were (each) sent into this world.
    3) You are to be perfected in love.
    4) We will return to the Father in Heaven.

    Does this sound clichรฉ or mundane?

    If you are compelled to seek answers – it's because the Father in Heaven has decided to perfect you in love.

    In other words: He has called you to Himself – and you are seeking rest in His presence.

    Thus … you will (inevitably) feel drawn toward the process of sanctification into the Name of the Most High – though it may be somewhat difficult to appreciate the process criteria at first.

    A Child of Light will recognise this process – in the gospels – because Y'shua ben Yosef exemplified the Name of the Most High.

    The apocalypse (unveiling) is: the Name of the Most High and the processes that facilitate perfection in love.

    The Three Stages Of Development

    The first thing we must do is acknowledge the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the mixture of truth and lies that causes delusion (sin) to dwell within the soul.

    This means any philosophy, religion (even science) has the potential to cause delusion – because evidences are all too often the subject of interpretation.

    The second thing we must do is appreciate the scripture has duality that causes the haughty to stumble.

    This means humility, without exception, is key to understand the Word of God – because this manifests the Name of the Most High as we learn to placate the ego.

    The third thing we must do is embrace the ineffable Name of the Most High – so it may be placed in the forehead.

    The Hallowed Name can only be observed when we abound in the love of Christ – which is the hallmark of perfect humility – thus we can identify hierarchy is the hallmark of delusion (sin) made manifest.

    Those who placate the ego are in Christ.
    Those who exalt the ego are in satan.

    It's as simple as that.

    When we follow these steps – we will naturally take measures to root out false doctrines and idiosyncratic ideologies.

    …to escape (all) delusions.

    You may wonder why the scripture says: the righteous shall live by faith – or why does God remain hidden !??!

    Well, a Child of Light has the ability to effect reality – with their thoughts – so it's important to establish trust: before they can learn of such powers.

    The fallen ones, however, have taken it upon themselves – to teach these powers without the consent of the Most High.

    They pose as angels of light to usher in the New Age religion which (basically) festers the delusions of mystery religion.

    You see … faith is what facilitates spiritual growth – so faith is an important component of the process of sanctification into the Name of the Most High.

    Indeed, faith is the foundation upon which love can rest without fear of being damaged – and every marriage depends on it.

    This is why the scripture speaks of covenant agreements between the creator and His chosen ones (Righteous Elect).

    He is (deadly) serious about making the process of sanctification into His Name effective – because this is how He perfects the Children of Light.

    Unfortunately, satan is running amok – in his delusion to exalt himself above the stars (angels) – so this is hindering the mechanism at the moment.

    This will be dealt with, sooner or later, by the spirit of prophecy – but we need to embrace the Name of the Most High, in the meantime, to secure correct discernment if we are to avoid delusion.

    The point is … this reality (even in its fallen entropic state) serves the purposes of the Most High – because this is where everyone has the opportunity to make a decision to live eternally or temporally.

    This goes for everyone on the planet: whether they are rich, poor; famous or infamous – the mechanism established by Y'shua is effective for one and all.

    However … it is only those that are called by the Father who will appreciate these things.

    Here is a summary of the information you need to keep in mind:

    1) Mixture of lies and truth causes delusion.
    2) Scripture has duality (stumbling blocks).
    3) The Name of the Most High protects.

    To Highlight The Point

    If we do not apply the Name of the Most High to the forehead – we will embrace a delusion (of some kind) and become convinced we are right in our own eyes.

    The website (below) speaks of the three stages of development – with free books that go into detail on the subject.

    Your journey begins after you embrace the process of sanctification into the Name of the Most High – but take heart: all the Holy angels are ready to assist you on your journey home.

    As always … I ask the Father to bless all who seek His loving countenance in humility.

    Father Bless The One And All

    My Dearest Friends (Welcome Home)

    My Dearest Friends (Welcome Home)

    Everyone is free to share these articles.

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