G20 Positive News! IBM, EOS dumps ETH, G20

Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is…


  1. You think the G20 is positive news? That is a extremely short sited naive view. If we want mainstream adoption how is that going to take place without regulation? Think of the big picture buddy.

  2. What I’ve learned in crypto the last 6 months is that technical analysis doesn’t mean anything and no one knows what the market will do. Just buy major projects on the major dips

  3. How is it we have equity in any of these company’s that get partnerships? There tokens are supposedly going to be worth more money? Doubt it 99 percent don’t need a token crypto bud could you explain?

  4. I've heard that wallet to wallet transfers are not taxable events because you are never going to profit on the transfer. You aren't making a trade, and it's like transferring money from a bank account. (Though you are not necessary transferring currency…still.) Am I misinformed?

  5. I was hoping for another 60-80% drop over the next month. I've been accumulating as much as I can. The lower it goes the more frenzied my buying becomes. Hehe… RAMIEN NOODLE POWER! An upturn? Fine… but no "bull traps" please. Market, if you're heading up then I'll take my 1000x's now 😉

  6. The only way real big money will enter the sector is when exchanges are regulated and cryptos are listed as securities,with all the protections that entails for the retail customer. Clean out the manipulated and crooked exchanges, bring on de-centralised exchanges with full protection in place for the retail trader also.

  7. Bittrex news is misleading. They were only removing wallet support of already delisted coins that have been removed over the last couple of years. Most of these coins no longer have working blockchains.

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