FuzeX ICO Review – Use your Cryptocurrency in Real-life

In this video, I review current’s upcoming initial coin offering. In my point of view, I am going to pass this ICO. I This is my personal opinion, I am not giving biased recommendations….


  1. Hey guys, I am a British citizen based in the UK and I help US citizens participate in ICO's. I can't imagine how frustrating it is to not be able to participate in a great ico. I complete the kyc process for clients for just a small fee, so if you are intrested please email me at : kycwhitelistuk@gmail.com

  2. c'mon people this guy has no ideo what he is doing, he just started on the right time with icos, I mean if you had invested in any crypto before 1-2 years, your worst performing coin would make at least 50x.. this guy is not helping you to make money, you are helping him, because he is hyping the coins that he has nothing else.

  3. Tech and team is fantastic and its from Korea. Most advanced credit/debt card of any company out there. working product, also will be an exchange that you can spend crypto from your holding. I bought in presale .

  4. FuzeX will be killed when the Flye Smart Card is done with their massive beta testing group within WorldVentures! They have numerous patents that will shutdown any copycats like FuzeX because they have military security and will be able to utilize Cryptocurrencies. That's why I got my card Flye Card during the beta testing and if you want to find out more you can look at smartcardvip.com and I took advantage of the stock price on it since it was at $1.44 now it's around $2.00+ the name of the stock is NXTD and I invest on Robinhood. If you don't have Robinhood yet you can use my link to get a free stock http://share.robinhood.com/bronsog5

  5. IAN if you are looking for a goldmine check out LUCYD absolutely the most valuable project out there in ico world its just that they havent marketed much yet….REALLY this one could go 100x…very low token supply (at the moment its 14 mil circulating since what is not bought will be burned) and 22 cents and a hardware device (AR glasses) that might have a revolutionary impact on the tech space…PLEASE DO NOT DISMISS THIS ONE

  6. Dude, you're in this space and you're looking up Charlie Shrem? lol… Just proves that everyone is an expert and advising on companies and yet they don't know who key players and early adopters are….

  7. everyone complaining about this review being late – this is taken from his live video that you could have watched but you didnt and therefore you missed his timely reviews.

  8. The ICOs that are coming out later this month have unlucky timing. I doubt any of them will hit the hard cap since the market is crushing hard and everyone is fearful to put in more money and some even speculate a prolong bear market.

  9. You done a poor review on this… first there is no prototype!! There is an actual PRODUCT. Second its not a credit card!!!! Its awallet for all your cards, debit, credit, and membership card.. Third its suspicious that after you rated this it sold out!!!

  10. nobody wants to do the research. they just want to be spoon fed ico's to flip and complain when ian uploads a segment of a video that he probably uploaded a week ago. If you wahnt to complain you had the same amount of time as everyone else.

  11. Why you do review on sold out ICO? This clip is uploaded now when it's sold out.I don't know the others, but i personally need ICO review first for currently active ICO and second review on which you will say I will participate on this and on time when to be able to buy it. It's just my constructive opinion i like you and i respect your knowledge, but…

  12. For everyone that is complaining, this is an excerpt from his video that came out Feb 1st. He cut out sections of that 3-hour video and is uploading the talks about the different ICOs.
    This is a nice thing that makes finding different discussions from his 3-hour video much easier.
    Check out the 11 minute mark in this video and the hour and a half mark on that feb 1st video.

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