Future Bitcoin Development with Jimmy Song

In this episode we welcome back Bitcoin Developer Jimmy Song to the channel to discuss the future development of Bitcoin and all the exciting developments …


  1. if you are interested in getting back all you have lost i will walk you through the basics of what cryptocurrencies are, the challenges they face, how to responsibly invest and how they may impact the future of it. contact me via my mail (davidgibson5050 @gmail.com

  2. Vendors want 0-conf transactions ON chain for LOW fees with NO counter-party risk and NO subscriptions or secondary fees (And they don't want to have to install a waiting room for customers waiting on confirmations). BCH is the real bitcoin.

  3. For those bagging out Jimmy, hes being pragmatic. The delusion around adoption is huge..
    Hes somewhat riding a wave of thirst for education consumerism for his own brand. Fair enough, hes done alot

  4. Graft network is working on a payment solution for bitcoin and other currencies. They are partners with Verifone and ingenico as well as online merchants. It will also work along with lightning network.

  5. You could not have chosen a worse bitcoin rep. immy fucking sucks! No wonder crypto is not socially developed if people like him representing the crypto community.

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