Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Makes His Case For HODL-ing On To Bitcoin | CNBC

Tom Lee, Fundstrat, discusses why he’s still bullish on bitcoin. » Subscribe to CNBC: About CNBC: From ‘Wall Street’ to ‘Main …


  1. These currencies have no real value. The security they claim to have is overridden by how easy it is for hackers to steal your coins. The fees to enter and exit a crypto currency also override any profits. This is simply a hyped market that creators use to take nothing and get rich. It is simply a scam using some tech that most won't ever understand and it is based on false security.

  2. What? That's the whole basis for holding Bitcoin and why it has value is because of past history? You can substitute "tulip bulbs" for Bitcoin and get the same result. The panel was too polite to laugh at his reasoning.

  3. my initial response to the host would have been. "Why would you waste any more of your viewers time with lies about bitcoin if you actually want an objective point of view on this issue." If you actually want an objective view then you wouldn't waste viewers time with mentioning that people who don't like bitcoin are going to hate." Stupid host, thinking is for adults.

  4. Seeing this panel of no-nothings squirm and get silent because someone who knows more about a space they are forced to talk about on the daily that isn't an internet nutjob is entertaining at least. Also who wears a pony tail on the back of a bald head? I wouldn't take his advice on anything.

  5. If you were frozen in time like Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back and woke up 2 years from now to learn that the media together with forces that be brought down the price down to 1/2 , and then another 1/2 , and then for good measure , another 1/2 and then went skyrocketing 10x since when you bought in, would you be grateful seeing that the smarting thing to do for you was to do nothing other than sit there like Yoda ? All you gotta worry about is your one handed hand stand while lifting the X-wing.

  6. Tom Lee very humble very eloquent but missed the point that bitcoin is a flop, no good as currency and no good to store value, what is bitcoin good for ?

  7. To say history doesn't repeat itself is like saying the evolution of trade doesn't exist. We can all go back and forth on how news and speculation effects the day to day outcome of your favorite crypto. You would be lying to yourself if you said you didn't take news you've heard and smear it across your immediate community and created some sort of panic just for the simple pleasure of talking about it. We are in a revolution people and the medium of exchange is in its evolution. 20+ years ago when I was signing onto AOL for the first time, I thought my dad was really onto something. My dad was very good about staying on top of new technologies that would change the way we lived. He was on the forefront of voice command resident features that we so widely use today in our homes. He taught me how to build computers from nothing, tack welding, and the introduction of Email. He also showed me the value and what the future of the internet and computers have in store for us in the coming decades. Bottom line is, since inception of bitcoin in 2009, We have seen the finance industry slowly shift into the unknown possibilities of wealth. Not for the top 1%, not for the other top 49%, but for the bottom 50%. We have slowly grown to understand that we can take 3rd world countries and bring them up to par with the rest of the worlds economy. While taking 1st world countries and taking them down a peg or two bringing them to reality showing them that the people matter. Most importantly we've come to understand that we don't need banks to tell us what we can or can not do with the money that we broke our backs for. I'm not sure if you knew this, but income taxes were a series of bills passed during WW2 to allocate funds to support war and was to cease after the war was over. This was obviously too good of a business to just cease operation and that is why you still have taxation on income to this day. Pretty much its illegal and the contract ended over 70 years ago. So to me its no surprise we are here today attempting to take back what is rightfully ours, MONEY. The charts don't lie, the revolution of technology doesn't lie, nor does the evolution of exchange lie. Governments are slowly losing control of their financial future and they are seriously scared of LOSING. In 2009 began the single most important event to date in the financial sector and its HUGE, for you and I. By buying bitcoin and alt coins you are securing the future of the technology and the demise of whats been holding the world back from its true potential which would be government. We still need government obviously because people are too stupid to control themselves, but they don't need to dip their hands in our honey pot anymore, nor do they need to know where we are spreading our honey. Stop worrying about what Bitcoin and Alt coins day to day prices and divert your focus on what Bitcoin has done for us so far. Where it came from, the inception, the jobs it has created, and the wealth it has created for the average Joe. Blockchain is here to stay, and the currencies that follow are just beginning. Will the cake holder in your portfolio be in the top 100 in 10 years? Probably not, but there is one thing you can be sure of. Blockchain will be here and there is never a late opportunity to make your future great!. Blockchain is the revolution, Bitcoin is the evolution.

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