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– today we are reviewing another interesting ICO – FRELDO. Now you can win 1ETH in their tokens! All you have to do is to …


  1. after reading through your main & ico site, i got some questions:

    1. your faq section, what made you guys decided to put the answers in video format?
    seems like you were to lazy to type and just slap some videos there.
    for me, who prefers to read than to watch, that's annoying. i haven't even watched those videos until now.

    2. freldo is all about trust, through reliable recommendations from your network of friends on freldo.
    so trust on freldo relies on others' words? is there any background check for service providers on freldo?
    you know, it's 2018, we can't be too careful.

    3. we get paid when someone makes a purchase based on our recommendations, so is it kinda like pyramid scheme?

    4. top 3 questions will get 1 eth (in freldo tokens).
    why don't make it simple, top 3 questions will get 5000 frecn each?
    with big bonus in pre-ico and then smaller bonuses in ico, saying 1 eth in freldo tokens is like a mirage, it's there but it's not really there.
    we all know most projects with big bonuses in pre-ico and ico most likely will get smashed once it goes live and your "1 eth in frelco token" won't even worth 1 eth anymore by the time those people receive it.

  2. The most significant problems of small business are (on the example of my country):

    – Defects in the tax system
    With the introduction of a simplified tax system and a single tax on imputed income, the rate was made to reduce to zero the complexity of accounting and tax returns, which were under the power of professionals only. Most entrepreneurs have moved to the proposed system, with each of them noted a significant reduction in the load, but the amount of taxes is still high enough and unaffordable for starting businesses.

    – Working capital deficit
    Growing and developing business requires a constant and gradual infusion of capital. This issue is particularly acute in the sphere of production and industry. At the same time, to obtain loans a positive balance sheet is required, which many companies are unable to provide to the Bank. Moreover, the majority of creditors and funds refuse to assist entrepreneurs whose registration period is less than a year. According to Bank statistics, only 30% of all incoming applications from legal entities are satisfied.

    – Promotion of goods and services in the market
    Many entrepreneurs have limited opportunities in the organization of sales, advertising and promotion of the product on the market, have difficulties in finding customers, establishing relationships with suppliers and consumers.

    – High cost of raw materials

    – Lack of access to credit and investment
    The majority of entrepreneurs do not use credit and borrowed funds, primarily due to the lack of necessary security for small enterprises. Another reason is the high risks associated with lending to small businesses and the overhead costs of banks, which are almost the same for both small loans and large ones.

    – High rental prices, Bank account services and transportation

    – Lack of production and office space
    The market is not rich in rental of industrial premises, at the same time, not every organization can afford to build or buy the missing space. The cost of renting commercial premises is still quite expensive.

    Which of the following problems can your project solve? How will the introduction of blockchain technology help small businesses?

  3. I have 3 question :
    1. What is your actual product in Freldo?
    2. After the ICO finish, when the tokens will listing on exchange?
    3. Are you in competition with Instragram?

  4. Social media for business workers.
    How do you convince business workers to use your platform because we know that Slack is the most popular platform among business people, what is the advantage of the Freldo platform compared to Slack?

  5. Hi, i would ask you if there is an unbiased review system which is controlled by AI technology or will be a fair jury system which can protect users. I mean crypto market conditions are unpredictable and not stable yet. I would like to know your protection and how system works? Thanks in advance.

  6. You said that your company operates 2 years, but has been registered in Canada since 2011. Why have you now decided to use blockchain technology? Then what about the effort you have done before, is it successful? I am very interested because it relates to "trust" and "friendship". The scope of this project is very broad and includes all circles. I guess blockchain is perfect for your project, but why do you just start using blockchain now and are so sure?

  7. Tech project has a very good concept and prospect. I fully support this project, because it has good foresight and views!
    1) How effective is the Freldo social network in terms of making a profit for private clients and business?
    2) What role does Freldo tokens play?
    3) How much will quality content be?
    4) How many languages ​​will be on the platform?
    5) Is it necessary participants to pass KYC?
    6) Do you conduct any negotiations with the exchanges?
    It is very important that the tokens were added on a reputable exchange .
    This will greatly affect the rate of the token after the ICO . Good luck

  8. Are you in competition with LinkedIn? If so, what do you think are your advantages? Are you also targeting their user base to be part of the Freldo platform?

    On token sale:
    Do you have a measure to prevent the dumping by early investors? Is there a locking period especially for those who participated in private sale or presale?

  9. The idea is innovatinve and great, but how does the team plan to integrate the service market on a global scale and help buyers and sellers transact when they are from different countries?

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