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  1. How does this work exactly? I download the excel sheet and then what? Crypto market is volatile, so how does this excel sheet stays updated? Also a 5% profit over 2 weeks is not that great? I did a 42X on Verge in December and 25X on DeepOnion.

  2. nice video, i think every portfolio must take into consideration an adjustable weight system in order to catch trends like privacy coins in 2018 (coin like deeponion are still a lot undervalued)

  3. Great stuff Sir, I will definitely try this with part of my portfolio to compare results with my current strategy which is: Choose low market cap coins with great potential, invest and HODL. So far I did outstanding with coins like Ethereum and monero and I expect a lot from some newer ones like DeepOnion and Internet Node token.

  4. What of that? Bitcoin crash? I did'n expect this spring will be so awful for cryptocurrencies. I have the last resort on tokentelegram. net This is a GRAM (TON)-token. It is full of praise. Hope for fine profit)

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