Before the FALL Season come to an END on December 20, 2018 great changes will have rocked our world! Stock Traders, for specific CRASH DETAILS see our …


  1. Hard to imagine this all happening, although the stock market volatility has been absolutely insane the last month. But new ATH's in crypto and gold/silver seems so out of the realm of possibilities knowing their suppression. Let's just hope and pray!

  2. Daniel 8 vs' 7, 8 & 22 describe for us to bring the story here online, WITH THE attack of USA on Iran toppling all these domino's. The point, from two decades of study and review on this scripture passage THE UN being the crux or catalyst to plunge the world with the USA being ground zero in causing a global economic reset but subsequently initiating the install of the four credit card companies in place of the USA constitutional oversight in a points value-based national economy. God bless.

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