Fee Mining | Is it the next big scam in crypto?

What do you think about fee mining? Do you see issues with it or potential for the long-term? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for …


  1. Hey Nick, why your art not trying NEBL. There is very useful information on NEBL. NEBL are multiplying 17 times their price pls try to use NEBL as early as possible. NEBL does have their own Blockchain solution. Check it out. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for giving us the heads up on how this could be manipulated. However, don't we want more exchanges? Might your fee-mining FUD (in this vid) increase the threshold new exchanges must overcome; thus limit the number of exchanges; thereby (possibly) increasing the chance of manipulation? For new exchanges, fee-mining may be a genuine service jumpstarter…?

  3. You never covered any legal concerns… "selling a dream" is what all projects are currently doing… and trusting exchanges has always been a bad idea… aside from all that you dodnt present any evidence that they are actually doing any of these items you claim… these exchange coins are a rare exception in crypto where the value is actually backed by something… a % split of the fees, Im not saying you are wrong, im just saying that you have not presented a convincing argument.

  4. Listen up if you haven't looked at ORI yet then I'm doing you a favor. Protocol for creating marketplaces with a working product and established customers already. <1 million marketcap and nobody knows about it yet. Why hope something that has hundred of millions in marketcap becomes the next ETH when you can go 100x on an unknown gem. Even trashcan coins have 10x this marketcap for no reason. Get this on IDEX before more people find out about it.

  5. I agree with you Nick. These exchanges are just trying to cash in on being unregulated and scamming people. These will only further hurt the reputation of crypto, not help.

  6. I don't usually comment, I usually just press the like button to your video. But on this occasion
    I want to thank you for this awesome video. Thanks man! Be blessed

  7. Awesome video man! Love your market overviews and simplistic TA, rather than throwing a bunch of indicators on there to further a sense of false hope that some people have. Yo man have you thought about doing ICO reviews? I'm looking intently on a few myself and would love to hear an outside opinion. The projects are Fr8 Network, Muirfield IP, and/or Daostack IO, whichever you'd choose, thanks dude.

  8. Nick, to be fair, do you know what I want to see on YouTube right now and I dont? I want to see all you-tubers say BTC will go down! The more people will say it will go up, it will more go down. This is how it works. People right now are saying BTC will go up. Oh really? Well I don't think so, me personally I am 80% certain it will go down, just because of the general belief. Please Nick, say BTC will go down so I can go long! Till then I will remain short till 5k at least. Also the longs are rising which again is a bad sign, 5 k incoming.

  9. Thanks for video – brings back some unwanted frustration in me, aghhh… CoinBene & many other unknown exchanges with decent volume are so so SHADY. I got suckered into depositing thinking I can trade to realize it's in-house bots trading among themselves and they avoided my orders like plague. Lost wasted time and their ridiculous withdrawal fees – lesson learned. This new exchange model can work if they bring legit volume unfortunately not the case for a lot of the exchanges (I think Ku-coin is a good example and they will prosper down the road as they step up their game). As scammy as some of the exchanges are, the crypto exchange business model is the only space that I currently see is a sustainable business model with legit revenue and profit, everything else in crypto in my eyes is speculative at the moment. And for this reason, my portfolio is more heavily weighted on exchanges, both DEX and non-DEX to diversify. I think Binance is great leader in this space with high standards and hopefully many of the other exchanges can clean up their act to follow in their footstep.

  10. Have seen Fcoin popping up out of nowhere, took a look at it and it really looked some kind of fishy.

    The high dividends and the high volume is supposed to pull new users in i guess, but i actually backed off because of that reason.


  11. Nick…it's a product…Do you/I believe in that product/exchange…I'm loaded up on BNB…If Binance continues to grow and its customers are happy…then isn't it like Google/Facebook etc?…Coinbene looks dodgy…same with Bit Z…They literally came from nowhere the other day and are now slipping backwards…
    I think ETFs are part of the future in crypto…Venture funds love this kind of thing…Great Vid…keep it up!

  12. Nex has a similar model which I have been really excited about. They didn't allow US invested into the ico so I missed out. Nex seems really legit tho because it's a decentralized exchange. I'd like to hear what you think.

  13. Hi Nick, thanks for the warning! What you think about the high POS ‘mining’ fee of certain coins up to 100% yearly rewards for a master node? Or eg. At Linda 70% yearly reward for staking?

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