Fantasy thinking vs real trading (traders are not superheros) 20 may 2018

Hi guys here’s your regular dose of trading knowledge. The paid Membership is for users who already know the basics of TA but are not yet profitable in real …


  1. People are absurd. I just listed a 3.4 mil commercial property and that's my bread and butter. Do I make a ton trading, yes. Do I care about lambos, hell no. I'm a camaro guy…

  2. It explains why most traders lose after a while. Lambos are just dreams, to dangle a carrot in front of you. If you make it, you're lucky most od the time. Most people don't have the skills and discipline.

  3. I went all in, in December. That was a once in a lifetime, turned 50 into 250 in three weeks. Unfortunately i decided just holding through whatever to come was the best idea gave most of it back bit by bit. Since then I've learnt a lot.The signs were obvious. I did say I'd take most out on Jan 6th but family problems got in the way. Such is life. Live and learn. The lambo was very temporary. I can tell you from experience that it's painful. πŸ™‚

  4. Day traders that I have met typically work with 1M+ accounts and trade on small percentages to profit every day. Getting started in real estate flipping houses only takes about 50K. So for 6 figures pick real estate, for 7 figures pick trading.

  5. My Best advice for a new trader is start with $100 and see how fast you lose it. Then get real and learn technical analysis. Don't rely on signal bots alone. Good ta can prove them wrong if they are.

  6. Doesn't this mean that even if you have positions of 1/20th of your net worth in one trade, you eventually have 20 loosing trades in a row and will get liquidated?

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