Failed 2018 Price Predictions | AMA

Failed 2018 Price Predictions + AMA + ICO Review Channel Debut! W12 ICO: (Not a referral link) ICO Review Channel: …


  1. Any chance of having a look at savenode (sno) masternode, they are developing an app to make crypto investing easy for the masses, the masternode is relatively cheap and the rewards are great, app should be out in a couple of months apparently so price could see significant rise. When you think how many people don't know how to buy crypto and how many people in the world that don't have access to banking but have mobile phones, this could be huge. by the way I am in no way connected to the project, I just set up a masternode myself and think it could be a gem of an investment. thanks.

  2. BTC is surely a good investment right now, just when it goes up be sure to SELL before the dinosaur goes down…
    There is no virtual gold but there is value behind brand… aslong as the brand (BTC) dominates the industry.

    I dont think worrying about the price of crypto right now (if youre investing) does much. Look at the value of the projects behind. And when it goes up u just play with house money.

    I just say these things because i do this for a living and so many people loosing their money in crypto… for no reason.

  3. I'm so sick of this, no one knows WTF is going on…. plain and simple. I appreciate the false sentiment to keep our hopes high. But this is just getting fucking stupid, some one is manipulating things and until their castrated this shit will just keep happening. Anyone want to buy some crypto and miners at a discount….. I fucking give up!!!!!!!!

  4. during the 2013 boom BTC was talked about on forbes & the wall street journal & CNN & CNBC etc every single day also, you just were not there to see it. Mass media was speculating about ETFs & wall street in 2013 just like in 2017 & it will happen again in the next cycle & people who are new will think its the first time… again… and again…

  5. Take all the gold in the world and fractionalise it into bitcoin.
    Then take all the silver in the world and fractionalise that into light coin.

    That is the only way the ordinary man on the street is going to have faith in a brand new currency.


  6. Missed this guy. Damn where have you been man ….
    In this bear market we all need an hug. Someone who tells us that everything going to be fine…..nooootttt

  7. exactly … creating media hsyteria again .. not easy.. and people who lost money due to media hype are staying away. so we are back to the core investors as it was in 2017.. fuel for next bull run.. who knows.. maybe providing some actual value/adoption ?

  8. Thanks Cameron. Always love watching and look forward to your videos!

    As far as Bitcoin predictions go… I take them with a pinch of salt. But, then again the year isn't over yet.

  9. To your thoughts on why the mass media attention didn't keep Bitcoin's price afloat. It's like email in 95', who the hell used email in 1995. I mean everyone heard about it but who actually wrote up emails and sent them daily.

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