EXCLUSIVE: 2018 Will SHOCK People – Mayhem In The Cards! Andrew Zatlin

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  1. Got to thinking your gun law's could lead to growth simply by makeing the licensing law's to include a test like training that your fbi or cia take including syk eval mean's buisness's and jod's still meaning that the right to beur arms still stand if your capible any f up's during testing and no gun. 3 or 2 atempts but have a cut off were no is no

  2. "States spent about $38 million last year fighting tobacco addiction, and tobacco use costs the economy $289 billion a year in medical costs and lost productivity, according to the Centers for Disease Control."

    I predict that, 30 years after pot is broadly legalized, taxpayers will be spending even more money to discourage marijuana usage, and the costs to the economy will be higher than they are for tobacco today. Weed is not a health food (or a health vapor–when is inhaling large quantities of smoke into one's lungs ever a good idea?), and it carries adverse and serious health risks over time, according to scores of studies. Further, unlike nicotine which acts as a mild stimulant that can actually boost performance for many tasks, marijuana is psychologically demotivating and erodes verbal skills (which you may have noticed if you have ever conversed with some of the regular users). Although not as strongly addictive as nicotine, many regular users say it is hard to quit, and a large proportion of regular users lapse into heavy users, who appear to be a social deadweight. Yet once the majority wakes up and realizes its mistake, there will be an entrenched and lucrative marijuana industrial lobby that will fight reform at every turn, just like the tobacco lobby does. Yes, here is an opportunity to make money in a "new" (sort of) industry, but it is an industry that detracts from rather than adds to the sum of human welfare. Western cultures may indeed decide to follow our lead, but the rest of the world will have better sense.

  3. i strongly disagree with him on gold and bitcoin/cryptocurrency. Cryptos are worse than paper money and gold will never be just a rock and is working as a real medium of exchange with goldmoney.com. i dont work there i just know they are on the right track. i do agree that the blockchain isn't going anywhere too and might be a better platform for something like a goldmoney.com

  4. It's not just about Bitcoin it's about the blockchain technology too that is now in its infancy but will lead to new business like the Amazon of today. The middle man will be eliminated reducing costs. People don't trust the dollar or the banks and now putting money into cryptos and are making money.

  5. Nowhere in this interview does the guest say "fraudulent banking" or "bankster crooks" or "wall street ponzi schemes". Myself and the people I hang with work hard for our money and the Federal Government and Banksters steal it. We are modern day slaves paying tax for our wealthy masters. Get out of the US Dollar Ponzi scheme!

  6. Savings? Why would anyone keep money in the bank with such low interest rates. I prefer to buy precious metals and crypto currencies. Costs all around are increasing and wages remain flat and the dollar is losing purchasing power. The stock market is a ponzei scheme and will have a huge correction. I don't know anyone that thinks the economy is great. 2018 will be disruptive on many levels, buckle up its going to be a very bumpy ride!

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