Everything You Need To Know About GDAX Plus Trading Tips

revisiting with a short video tutorial on gdax, and some updated tips and tricks to help your day trading. Sign up with coinbase. buy or sell 100 dollars in crypto …


  1. Worst Service I've ever experienced in my life!!
    Unreliable service. Made a transfer to the LTC Address GDAX Provided and NEVER Received it.
    Opened a Case and it's been 3 months without a proper response nor solution … telling me that the address does not belong to them!! lol

  2. Thanks for your videos they help a lot . One thing I have hard time with . Is why when the green buy coin and the price go up and when red sell price go down . Why would some want to buy when price is high . from another person

  3. In theory you lose fiat but gain fractional increments of the coin which will lead to more fiat. If you sell after a loss and buy it back at lower than what you sold it at

  4. Thanks for all the videos! I must say you have the most DOWN TO EARTH explanations for working with cryptos and Gdax I've seen yet! But you know I still have questions. At the end of the day do I transfer my cash back to CoinBase or is it safe to leave in Gdax. I would be concerned of protecting my cash each day. My plan at this time is just Day-Trading cause I feel pretty safe doing this. Subscribed Thanks

  5. Cool vid, would you say it safe to keep US dollars in a gdax account for purchasing or do people buy through other sources and keep their money elsewhere I am very new to this and am wary of keeping my money in a safe location thank you.

  6. A five year old could understand this video because it is so simple, direct and to the point. Great video, I really learned a lot. Liked and subscribed! Keep em coming please…

  7. This is by far the best GDAX and new explanation video there is on youtube. I was skimming through so much and found nothing that really put it all together on a basic level. Thank you for this.

  8. Thanks for the great info! Just one question, it wants me to put my drivers licences on there. Do you know how securely they store this type of info, i just want to minimized the amount of info out there of me that could stolen. Thanks

  9. MrSotko CryptoCurrency: Man, I have watched many videos, but you do explain better than most and you are NOT annoying @ all. SO many others smack with their mouths, burb, background noise, etc. You also know your stuff and help clarify many things I had questions on. Thank you for your time. I will hit that button and bell. Take care. Let's go get that crypto!!!!!

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