Every Day Is Critical For Bitcoin

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  1. Great Video. I like your approach mate. Have you heard of Travelblock? I was wondering if you could do a review of it? They are offering a 1 week free holiday if 5 ETH is invested! Just wanted to get your opinion of that. Also – from the video on their website it seems that their holidays will be significantly cheaper than – say, Expedia.. Thanks!

  2. Conservative estimate 80-90k. What I think 130-150k. Bitcoin has increased on average 0.47% on daily average the last 8 years. If Bitcoin increases 0.47% from todays price at 8.800 it will be 156k in December 31 2019, and 883k at December 31, 2020. I think Bitcoin will increase more, we havent even seen institutional money, general public….so expect it to go even higher.

  3. 17 mil coins mined already…..4 mil left with extreme difficulty to mine them….Expenses with electricity mining coins is increasing so I do not see any reason why price would not be going up….

  4. It probably won't break 100k. I think competition will eventually produce something superior. Every company has a finite life span. The key is to know when to buy in, during dips. When to sell during gains, and when to exit.

  5. There’s also been lots of good news around bitcoin because some of the richest people in the world are coming out with a bullish stance on bitcoin like George Soros and members of the Rockefeller family. Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it

  6. Hmm… What's happening in the near FUTURE(s) that might be driving a desire to depress prices. Hint: it's futures.

    My buy order will be set at 8500.

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