Ethos Universal Wallet Setup Guide & Tutorial | Coin & Token Transfer (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20)

In this tutorial, we run through the new Ethos universal wallet and detail exactly how to initially set it up, which includes creating a new account, creating a …


  1. Im transferring a small amount at first. Also like to see how the security is on this app. Always nervousness when trying new crypto gadgets but fun as the same time. But my concern really is if something happens to Ethos, will we be without support and bug fixes etc?

  2. This looks great. Im pretty interested moving everything across. Compared to using a ledger nano, do you think there are any added risks being hacked when storing everything on the Ethos wallet?

  3. Outstanding walkthrough! I remember reading that this wallet would allow you to swap currencies without fees. Is this not the case "yet" or was this never in the plan?

  4. Just what I was looking for. I emailed them about having it in au$, plus being able to choose which exchange it draws prices from. Even my free Delta app can do that. Ethos didn't put much thought into it.

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