Ethereum Future Prediction 📈ETH $650 | Trade Crypto Like A Boss – Cliff High – #1 Bitcoin – Patreon

Please watch: “Inflation Explained & The Fed’s Ponzi Dollar –~– SUBSCRIBE LIKE A BOSS: Ethereum Future | Cliff High…


  1. Great advice BK, we should all try to see the positive side of things. Like you said, now you have 2 hours free because of youtube. Thank you for being a positive force in my day c:

  2. Ha. Not 100% sure, but I fee like Clif High referenced you in the new report. "Like a boss" and "Dash" in the same description seems a bit too coincidental ha to not be related to you.

  3. I'm going to post this on the Bitcoin Pub. Havent even been tracking the markets but today I took a peak and my heart sank. Time to go back to my holding cave and get ready to buy more.

    Thanks for the update your notification let was a wake up call for me.

    PS> Bump USD's all those sissy traders trading back to that mess for their own "safety". The psychology of most traders is toxic BK I love your approach my dude.

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