Ethereum Fees Explode, Coinbase Courts Big Money, & BTC Mining – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Ethereum fees skyrocket as the network clogs up, Coinbase going big and putting out the sign for institutional investors to join …


  1. about the 33TH/s japanese asic: Bitmain is notorious known for selling unprofitable and refurbished miners. If you look at their website are dumping all the S9 at a very low price. They might be mining on a newer and more efficient 50 to 75 TH /s (my prediction ) asic. It will take a while for other companies to catch up. Although I have no idea why they are selling the Antminer Z9 for 850 dollars, i dont see a zcash algo change coming soon.

  2. Cardano went and did a Q and A for some average employees, as entertainment, I heard, not with Google head honchos. Like how they send their workers off to listen to some cool band during the work day occasionally, as a reward, coz "Google is so great to their employees" (unless they're non-Caucasian females). "The meeting, hosting Hoskinson and IOHK Director of Engineering Duncan Coutts, gave Google employees from around the globe the opportunity to make technical and broad inquiries about the Cardano blockchain via conference call." The headline is just to make everyone want to read it. They Might Be Giants did the same thing as Cardano, doesn't mean they're gonna partner up and make a billion.

  3. Hey Mr Lark whats with this market as soon as it goes up by $5 1,000,000 people rip it straight out, must be a special on at McDonalds.
    My wife now worries about the bear & i getting too close but it get's cold at night in the DogHouse.
    I own a cattle farm & can't even find my own BULL bet my wife is hiding it in the house just so she can prove herself right. Long live Cryptomania.

  4. Lark WTF man I just got banned from your Telegram chat. Was this for telling that maggot that said my coin was a pump and dump that his mother was a pump and dump for his father?

  5. I don't know crypolark it seems to me that the crypto is originally from the USA government … I don trust them and I wonder if they are manipulating the market. I hope no big U.S. company or branch of the govt can control this. Your thoughts, anyone?

  6. You're a genius! Proud to see that you are a New Zealander. I am a crypto investor in the Waikato. Long term XRP is looking good. Cardano is a great technology and is talking to big Google!

  7. If Coinbase is the empire, the DEX's are the rebels. Thus we will have a battle that will benefit the consumers! American Express works best when not in America. Ironic. Hey, Findland A.E. are made for each other! haha

  8. Ethereum Clogchain at it again..

    If they keep this up then I'm no longer bullish on ETH..

    Edit: Also banks pooping on crypto is the most amusing thing in the world.

  9. Hey Lark …..without a doubt your intro is the WORST …..EVER !!!!! which is disappointing as you are the BEST EVER Youtuber !!! I love your content & the quirky way you deliver it. Spot on every time. I appreciate the effort you put in every day ….cheers !!!

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