Ethereum 2.0 Launch, Crypto The New Asset Class And Bitcoin “May” Rise In November

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  1. wanna know why you should buy bitcoin even if you dont believe in it? see it as ur monetary insurance policy, its the best hedge ull ever have against a collapsing economy built on top of fiat currencies, in thousands of years of recorded history, they have ALL gone to zero, the dollar will be no exception. here's why.

    the united states screwed the world in the 60s when they started to print money that wasnt backed by gold and export it over seas for goods. the french called em up on their bullshit and clamed their gold back, this is what triggered the start of the collapse of the gold standard as soon after every country was doing the same, the united states would have gone bankrupt if it wasnt for nixon taking off the gold standard. the problem is that in the mean time, a ton of countries were using the USD as the reserve currency to back their national currencies. the french president, at the time said in a televised speech that the only thing that could be money had to be neutral from any nations, that it could be nothing else but gold. and trust me when i tel you this, wall street and all the banks in the world, the governments of the world (at least most of em) are all very aware of this. the reason we went and hung Gaddafi was because he wanted to do just that for Africa with the golden dinar, which would of prevented the US from giving away paper toilet in exchange for precious metals and oil and other goods, it would also have been the turning point for Africa, the start of a golden era. anyways, earlier this year we saw that the governments of the world are starting to dump US debt massively, the US dollar will either collapse spectacularly or the world will enter an other world war for control of money. thing is the US cant afford a world war since the dollar would collapse over night. bitcoin didnt go up to 20k by mistake this year, bitcoin is the new neutral world currency, nobody with authority will admit it publicly because that too, would mean the collapse of the USD over night.

    for all the gold fanboys, i get you, history has proven time and time again that gold was the only suitable form of money, and i understand why. but you need to see it from a practical point of view that suits our era, a virtual and digital era, which is something that never happened before in human history. this is what allows us from never having to use trusted 3rd party ever again, and thats what we need to learn from 5000 years of monetary history, its that gold has to be centralized because it is impossible to secure by individuals themselves, but those centralized banks and vaults and organisations, they all took advantage of their power to make themselves richer by debasing currency backed by the supply of gold they have in the vault.

    protect ur asses, buy bitcoin.

  2. Simply start singing that Beatles song! And just replace the words "let it be" with "X R P"!
    And all will be right in the world again!🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎢
    NEVER is the worst time to buy😁😁!

  3. Sideways for months now. The news, no matter how good, and it's been stellar – no pun intended – in some cases, doesn't seem to matter much to the market.

  4. The catalyst will be an avalanche of Sec regulation, institutional money, bakkt, retail market, lightning and a possible US/world recession, wallstreet correction and prob all at once. 4-8x in 2019 and 2x every year after min.

  5. 1. Ppl are over bearish from being beat up by by beat down prices. 2. We need retail investors back on board, but I think that will not happen until there is a true mass adoption of a handful of cryptos. The big financial institutions are doing everything OTC, and prolly have stocked their supply already.

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