1. what makes you think BCH is a scam and BTC isn't? BTC is not doing what it meant to do which is peer to peer transactions! isn't that a scam also? it wasn't meant to be a store of value to begin with.

  2. VET tanked so hard I bought all the coins now im gonna be rich in 2 hours when that goes backup haha why are people such sheep they follow the market too much they see a price slip and start selling.

  3. we will go below 6k its inevtible, this zone keeps getting retested because price doesnt want to go high, we are keeping the price up due to speculation, once the buyers are exhausted watch out for the massive dump to 5k or less, mining being profitable at 6k doesnt mean it wont go under, that mining info means literally nothing

  4. 4:30 Just a fun observation and some speculations for the future:

    Historical ROI during latest bullrun compared to prior:
    3195/ 544.85 = 5.86
    544.85 / 92.67 = 5.88

    Projections for the nest bullrun:
    92.67 / 5.88 = 15.76

    Thus, if you invest at the bottom during this bear market and sell at the ATH during the next bullrun you will get 15.76x if investing in BTC. So, if the bottom is in ==> 5800*15.76 = 91,409, which will be the next ATH before a correction. If you believe 60k will be the next ATH before a correction: 60,000 / 15.76 = 3,800, which will be a bottom during this bear market. Personally, I believe the bottom is in due to historical bubble-patterns.

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