1. The Bitcoin forks devalue both blockchains, new investors are just confused when they come to the space.

    At this point DigiByte is my favorite peer to peer digital cash, it's the fastest, lowest fee, most decentralized POW coin, and it has been around for years so it's security can be trusted. If we are basing our decision on the best tech and best value for money then DGB wins hands down. I know it's under the radar but I suspect it will overtake Litecoin in the next 12 months.

    DGB may eventually become on a par to the Bitcoins if investors are only basing it on the tech which puts them all level somewhere in the top 20 coins over the next 5 years. (obviously corporate partnerships and other avenues may add value over time)

  2. After reading through Roger Ver‘s twitter feed, my impression is that he is strongly committed to libertarian values. The greatest „danger“ posed by libertarians is that they will leave everybody alone.

  3. You don’t have to fear private miners with respect to centralization. The bigger danger is that one day a State tries to take over the network to defend its own currency by destroying the competition (keep in mind this is the first time in centuries that the ruling apparatus faces currency competition).

  4. Let me give you the perspective of technically not overly versed users: they don’t even have to think about block size – if they owned BTC at the time of the fork, they immediately had the opportunity to compare transaction speeds and fees. It was impossible not to notice the difference.

  5. It is important to realize that the store of value function of money is a secondary characteristic that is a consequence of its primary function of a medium of exchange. Making BTC unusable as a medium of exchange will essentially destroy its store of value function as well.

  6. The big shift is in fact underway already. There seemed to be a sudden pivot, a threshold was crossed and now the BCH/BTC ratio has entered what is known as the „recognition wave“ – the moment when a majority of market participants realizes a paradigm shift is happening and acts on that recognition.

  7. Everyone can frame it as they like it. When I hear things like: sign up for Bitcoin and the industry deciding things, I am most certainly not not willing to follow this branch of bch. We'll see how it all will develop.

  8. Great video, this deserves 10x the amount of views. The highest quality content video on crypto and bitcoin vs bitcoin cash I've seen in months – no joke. Also, had never heard of yours.org before – just made my first bch deposit, can't wait to jump in. Keep the quality content coming!

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