EOS Technical Analysis (EOS/BTC) : Buy, bye… [05/11/2018]

Would you like to learn and do Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, NEO, Dash, Cardano, EOS and many more cryptocurencies technical analysis like this, using …


  1. What a terrible EOS buy suggestion. Did you know the hourly EOS correction looks almost identical to the daily BTC correction? For EOS we first got 5 waves down (A) Then a somewhat 3 waves up (B) And then a failed attempt up a few hours later which makes it X. So a new ABC from there on.We have 5 legs down now for A again, so I assume we get 3 waves up for B and then another 5 down for C. My target is 0.00145301. But that depends if the 5th wave for A is in already.

    PS. – If the X was not a failed attempt thent it was only logical to except 5 waves down to complete the ABC corretion. So therefore my target for C stays the same.

  2. How does the June first main net release play into your TA? How does a technical trader deal with known events in time, that have an influence on price action bullish or bearish?

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