EOS Is A Game Changing Tech with Marshall Long of EOS.fish

Anarchast Ep.427 Jeff Berwick interviews Marshall Long of EOS.Fish. Topics include: early days of crypto, nerd money, Namecoin, getting into large scale …


  1. EOS is scam.. no company required 4billion+ in ico… man. Now they are saying they need more and another crowd fund is coming.. such a shme.. also team are not focusing in product.. so many bugs in software and it is all centralized.. look at cardano very stable and continues product development.. and they are more focused in product.. I'm sure cardano will surpass other competitors

  2. Three billionaires invested in EOS via BlockOne, news released yesterday. Big money going into EOS who already has big money. It is good to be with the big money. I have received $1000s of dollars in airdrops. And this is just the beginning.
    I had trouble moving my EOS from Binance to my EOS wallet. You have to put in the memo/tag to deposit (this is stated) and the same Binance memo/tag number to withdraw (this is not stated). Hope this helps. Bright future for EOS!!!

  3. Hey Jeff love ya work …you wanna talk to "Bix Weird" I mean Weir he always poo poo's EOS calling it a Pedo coin. Maybe have a interview with him I would love to see that, tell him to donate all his cryptos that had Brock's finger prints on it.

  4. jeff you are such a shill for eos. also brock pierce didn't "maybe" have friends in hollywood who were pedophiles. he DID have friends in hollywood who were pedos. marc rector(convicted pedo) was his close friend & business partner. brock has never really fully explained his involvement or knowledge of what was taking place during those times other to say that he was never arrested. i think he owes the community at least that much no?

    but folks like yourself are so hungry to make money off the project that you comprise your own principles in order to let the past slide and childishly disparage anyone who dares bring up the topic in order to protect your investment. maybe they should just "shut up" says the guy who is supposedly an anarchist, which means you should let the market of ideas decide and not your feeble attempt to insult folks with a different(informed) opinion.

  5. Don't asociate yourself with LIQUIDEOS block producer. They are from IZRAHELL, the terrorist, apatrheid murderer lying state of IZRAHELL!!!

    I love EOS, i love people…. if you do too, this is the block producer we have to vote out!!! They are murderers!!!

  6. Funny seeing all the "anarchists" rage against the US model of 535 elected representatives/senators while at the same time espousing the advantages of a cryptocurrency controlled by 21 elected delegates.

    Further proving most anarchists are just anarchists because they aren't the ones holding the power.

  7. My EOS has been on Binance since before the snapshot. No issues. Even picked up a handful of airdrops. Gonna wait until the various EOS wallets have been in use a while before I switch over to one.

  8. I'm sorely torn and conflicted because I am all for decentralization however I also understand some things in my business have to be centralized and the fact is and remains, before crypto even thinks of seeing mass adoption, there will have to be a solution for working class folks or anyone for that matter, to freeze accounts when they're hacked and have their tokens/coins stolen.

    I'm all for that and until it is addressed, crypto will not see mass adoption. Who was it that was hacked and they hacked the hackers and got their customers tokens back? I don't have a problem with that.

    That's is the single biggest issue holding crypto back. Most people are not going to understand the tech behind it. They will be using UI to access their tokens/coins and as long as the general consensus is that it is safe, fast and little transaction cost yet more importantly than all that remains the question that until it's answered, none of the aforementioned matters one iota and that question is: What happens if my coins/tokens are hacked do to no fault of my own?

    And if the answer to that is, "You lose them", then crypto has come as far as it's going to go until there are solutions that insure people's coins/tokens.

  9. EOS is a major threat to status quo in crypto industry, that is why it attracts so much hate and FUD.
    Entrenched mining cartels are threatened by EOS, because EOS does not waste billions of dollars and huge amounts of electricity playing mining lottery game. There is no need for them in EOS world.
    Instead of mining EOS uses computing resources to process transactions and do it at rates that are impossible by POW (mining) blockchains, while charging no transaction fees.

  10. ?!?! Are you a damn psychopath, Jeff? By now, you KNOW EOS is "pedocoin", so STOP YOURSELF?!?! You fuckin' scumbag??!! You have NO moral standards man, you're no better than Goldman-Sachs. Disgusting!!!

  11. My eos is frozen in a jaxx wallet. This eos seems fake to me, I hope it’s not a scam, but its starting to feel that way.

    Go Litecoin.

  12. You've lost the plot Jeff. I'm not even going to listen to this. Sounds like you need some pontification juices yourself; unfortunately I don't have any extra juice to throw into the trash these days. No need to give me a "fuck off" I know where I am not welcome, and I walk away. Over and out.

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