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  1. "On the crypto you have to rely heavly on the technicals, on the charts on the padrons" Dude… No you don't.
    Let me rephrase: "On the crypto market you have to rely heavly on the Bitcoin chart analysis and price movement" Why? because that's where ALL the market get's the money injection.
    So who gives a sh** about EOS ''technicals'' there is no break out coming soon as long as Bitcoin is going down. Which pairs fiat/EOS do you know about? NONE, so there you go

  2. Smith said if crypto bulls want to make bitcoin ETFs happen, they must ensure they meet regulatory muster as outlined by SEC chairman Jay Clayton. “Chairman Clayon has made his concerns very clear, and it’s up to us in the ecosystem to address those concerns,” he said.

    When asked if there’s a correlation between the stock markets and the crypto space, Smith said he doesn’t think so, despite reports that have shown a correlation between their movements.

    “We have not seen much correlation at all between the equity and bitcoin markets,” Smith said. “Trading cryptocurrencies is way more analogous to other asset classes than you might think from a market maker’s perspective, managing risk and the operational sides of it. But as far as the investor demand for it, and what drives bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we have yet to find much analogy in the driver of it.”

    Smith said that what drives bitcoin prices differs from what moves the equity markets because crypto is not an institutionally-driven marketplace like the S&P 500.

  3. Thanks for the analysis, I have been following EOS for a while now. I am so thankful for all the videos out there. After the snapshot on June.2, the only way to get EOS is on a major exchange and you cannot do any withdrawals or deposits, not a good chance for airdrops, purely a speculative buy for a lot of people. Once the Mainnet has fully launched, trading volume will go through the roof. The fact that the price has remained steady since June.2 is amazing. I thought it would fall hard, McAfee predicts $32 by July than it will probably fall after that, slowly rebounding by end of year. No question it should surpass Ethereum market cap, in a year, maybe a couple years…

  4. Every time i see your videos we are greeted with " Hey guys, welcome back to the channel, welcome back to Phantom Strategies". Say something different once a while otherwise it's perpetual déjà vu!

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