EOS DApp Steals User’s Tokens, Ethereum Hashrate Crashes, Elon Musk Fights Crypto Scams

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  1. Just like ethereum they have problems with smart contracts as well…Atleast Trybe is giving out free tokens but for their mistake in doing that, now the eos developers (bp's ) can look into that and make an update in the future regarding any features like that..In any other platform it would prolly take awhile to make changes for improvement…but for EOS the good news outweighs the bad stuff….Now for the fudsters out there, they have to worry about WORBLI and TELOS forks of EOS launching at the end of september…The community is going to grow even bigger…It's gonna tripple lol

  2. EOS is interesting in the sense that the top 1.6% of holders own 90% of the supply. I'm wondering how the hell EOS can have so many fanboys. I'm guessing that a lot of them bought at the top and are holding heavy bags. There has been nothing but bad news regarding EOS since even before the launch. For a 1 year ICO that raised $4 Billion, it's absolutely mind blowing that they have so many problems. And to top it off, they're only offering 10K for bugs found in their code. IMO, EOS is and will continue to be a hacker's paradise.

  3. EOS back door is an analogy to the back door of OSs and nearly most IT products, when data is tranformed in to Electronic form, a back door is programed, that is a mechanism of how security is provided

  4. STOP SPREADING FUD!!! They did not steal tokens. This is the reason the EOS block chain will be adopted by business for commercial applications. If someone pays you more than was expected, wouldn't you agree you would like to get the over payment back? EOS has this recovery mechanism their block chain. So the funds were deposited by mistake. Why would they not retrieve coins that should have never been deposited in the first place? USE YOUR HEAD AND THINK!!! How many commercial business will adopt block-chain if they make a mistake and overpay will not be able to recover their funds? NONE!!!! So that is why EOS will be widely adopted and used for commercial applications. When you put out videos like this you lose credibility as a you-tuber. Many of you guys read a article and just broadcast what you read. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

  5. decentralization isn't the future but blockchain is. you can treat EOS as upgraded version of centralized services like paypal amazon etc stuffs so market growth is huge what you need is just growing vision for technology. that's gud if they can block stupid scam fund raisers from dapps but they still have options to sell collected eos in realtime if they allow. bancor also expanding to eos soon

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