Enjin Coin ICO Review – Smart Cryptocurrency for Gaming

I review Enjin Coin’s upcoming initial coin offering. I decided to pass on it because it does not appear that they have a prototype. THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR….


  1. I have to agree with other comments here, this review was rushed. I haven't invested yet but I wanted to see what you thought. Their road map looks great with plugins being developed for a number of games engines. That said, the coins value does depend heavily on what number of game companies or game developers will use or adopted the coin for in game purchases.

  2. I guess to echo some other comments here, your reviews would be much better and more useful if you research the ICO before you make the video. In this case, I did a lot of research and was curious as to what you thought then I start the video and watch as you are literally reading the site for the first time. Not very useful IMHO.

  3. I've done a review that is fairer.  I love your reviews but I believe you are missing some real winners.  These guys are the real deal with a ready market that will use their coins.  Its a real use case and I have no doubt that the MVP is round the corner.  The MVP criteria should be used to see if they can ship code and they CAN.  I invested a decent amount in this at 0.03cents!  There are not too many ICOs' where the average Joe can get in at pre-sale prices, has a use case, has 18 million existing users and is profitable, and this was one.

  4. They do have a prototype. Same issue I had with your blackmoon review. Maybe it would be better to research the ico first before you make the videos. Either way keep the videos coming. Also boxmining did an interview with the CEO. That would be a good place to start

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