Electroneum (ETN) to $0.5/$1 in 2018? Scam, Instant, User Friendly, Manipulation, Mass Adoption?

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  1. ETN is one of the first crypto's to embrace KYC & AML which is needed to achieve mass adoption, they already have an instant payment API solution available and in use which very few other crypto's have. They are in the process of realising many deals with mobile & fin-tech companies for future growth into the world of the unbanked. OscarTech has disappointed me in the past few weeks simply posting other peoples videos often out of context and some way out of date giving a false perception of Electroneum. ETN has the potential, in my opinion, to be in the top 10 coins over the next year.

  2. You'll discover ETN is easily one of the best coins out there, defiantly dig deeper, and get your investment in before the end of the year! If you look it's held amazingly during the BTC crash, big things are coming. Check out Sean Davis, All About Tech and Crypto NWO, they are on top of all new ETN info and have covered everything of late.

  3. Electroneum could reach $5 easily I believe when it's going to upside in future…. Ripple has 100billion supply it's reach around $4 in jan 2018…Etn has only 21billion so as I think it could be reach $4 – $5 easily what your thoughts viewers please suggest

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