Elastos 1st Sidechain | Decentralized Identity D.I.D | Elastos vs Blockstack | Elastos Explained

Elastos has released their first sidechain, the Elastos decentralized identity or Elastos D.I.D. The identity sidechain is very unique and is merged mined with the …


  1. My Chico friend, if you know this project that well, how the funk you forgot to mention the locked token supply release news??? Not cool!

  2. So many shill youtubers that Steve obsiously getting paid off. GTFO Chico, Zombie, boxming, suppoman, datadash. All shills that have cost real people real money. Leave the space so you guys can actually benefit us.

  3. Hey Hey Heeeeeeeyyyy … Ha Hey Heeeeeeeyyyyy! Wassa Wassa Wasssa Wasssssa Wassssa WASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSUPPPPPPPPP ELASSSSSSSSSSTOOOOOOSSSSSS!

    We just got snaked yall 🐍 💔

  4. Elastos will be huge in future

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