1. It's only been a few months, Since I was introduced to this way of making wealth by a friend, I bought *3BTC in Jan and put all of it into trading so I can make more profits, I traded on many platform and lost all of them foolishly cause I was not experienced in trading, So I made research on how to be an expert trader and came across a group on WhatsApp someone added me to talking about insight on trading bitcoin, I shared my problem and I was referred to Mr Ivan Hans a pro trader who can help me out, We traded for just 2weeks and he has made me *7BTC with just *1.5btc, Amazing you will say, If you want to increase your portfolio like me or having been loosing your trade, Reach him for help on *Email/Hangout : *(Ivanhans110@gmail. Com) WhatsApp/telegram : *+1(706)395-8110

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