Dunkin Donuts Franchise Cost, Earnings and Review

SORRY THE FDD SCREENCAPTURE HAD A TECHNICAL GLITCH! Dunkin’ Donuts is another franchise we get a lot of calls about. A lot of people think they …


  1. In central FL, DD has increased a lot. Most are small strip mall & limited tiny shops. Some combine with B&R ice cream. The breakfast menu was cut down a lot 6-8mo ago. 😂 I liked the maple coffee. The sweet ice tea is very good too. I rarely get donuts without a printed coupons.

  2. Their donuts are terrible tasting.

    One time I was there, ate a couple of donuts, and the manager (I think) asked me how they were, I said they are ok not my favorite they dont taste fresh but stale. He got all riled up and went on a lecture and rant about how dunkins donuts are all baked not deep fried like krispy, and that is why they are better and all that. I still thought they tasted not fresh but stale after that lecture.

  3. I wouldn’t eat a DD now if they PAID me. Horrific, ugly, crap donuts. Best donuts I’ve ever eaten was at ‘Mister Donuts’ in Japan. Each donut looked like it was created by a pastry chef. Blows away DD by a LUNAR mile at every level.

  4. They're ALL, VERY OVER-PRICED,mtremendously SHRUNKEN, then TRUCKED-IN donuts. If the CURRENT trend continues, by 2024 idiots will line up to pay $1.75 for a NON-EXISTENT donut!!!!!!

  5. You are clearly impressive and knowledgeable. However, you hedged in assessing whether or not to get a Dunkin Doughnuts franchise but I think between the lines you suggest to look elsewhere.

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