Today we discuss the differences between gold and Bitcoin and the different aspects of these two different assets we need to keep in mind when evaluating the …


  1. I think that one idea Schiff had is certainly plausible, namely gold-backed centralised cryptocurrency (yeah, I know – but it has to be centralised in some way due to the transport and storage). It could be a potential stepping stone that certain obvious countries consider, at least on an institutional level, as an advantageous compromise to create a rival system to the SWIFT-petrodollar hegemony. It'd be a shame because it'd be centralised around questionable countries, but they would see the advantage in keeping it at least functional and it's a step above FIAT, I guess.

  2. Just look at ancient babylon, meddling with the scarcity of the Currency back then was absolutely forbidden and punished with death. The so called solidus, the currency back then, reamined stable for about 800 Years and brought wealth and stability to babylon. Fiat money on the other hand is the root of all evil, in the long term it only brings debt and misery to the peole while enriching its printers…

  3. Luv your work Ivan. I think you are incorrect though in your assertion that fiat keeps getting printed but gold is fixed. Gold is mined and therefore the supply is constantly increasing

  4. I tried to convince someone I make monthly payments to to accept bitcoin instead of dollars. They said they don't understand crypto but they do understand gold. So I tried to pay with gold but whereas I take a 1% loss when converting fiat to crypto, the gold dealer has a 5% fee. This is why gold will eventually fade away and crypto will see majority adoption in the next generation.

  5. Also when humans finally get off this stupid rock and make serious settlements elsewhere – they are not going to be lugging around gold. Cryptos are eventually going to spearhead future economies on other planets. Both metals and cryptos are going to be needed. The interesting thing about cryptos is that they will evolve with how the technology evolves, when you look at a unit now such as EOS representing a unit of data – you can see how future cryptos could represent a unit of robotic labor. At any rate – we know that the era of Fiat is coming to an end in one form or another… I just hope that the IMF doesn't jump in to "save" us with some weird SDR backed crypto world currency… because then we get another bullshit slow burn bubble economy for another few decades.

  6. There is a planet in outer space which is made out of diamond, I wouldn't be surprised if there was one with gold, but by the time we ever reach it, we'll be all dead πŸ™‚ At least with Bitcoin we know it's finite.

  7. Rehypothecation of gold contracts has inflated the gold reserve far beyond its physical reserve. Holding your own gold protects you from this but the vast number of gold holders have paper only which may turn out to be nothing more. This is what has to be prevented as the financialisation of BTC continues.

  8. Eventually in the same way cryptos are saving the savings of millions of south americans whose currencies became worthless due to hyperinflation, cryptos will also save the savings of millions of americans when the dollar finally collapses.

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  10. man you should stop comparing gold to bitcoin, you can not contest gold as the king of metal an atom (79), a result of collision between two stars (supernova)… with a cryptocurrency that can be contested by another crypto or substitute by better tech

  11. Ivan great content as usual. I also love gold and BTC. However, when we talk about the devaluation about FIAT currency we should also keep in mind the in "normal" times the devaluation of Fiat is compensated by higher interest rates.

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