Does the Death Cross Doom Bitcoin to be Bearish?

It seems like the topic on everyone’s mind is the great Bitcoin death cross. So what is it and does it really affect Bitcoin at all anyways? Follow us on Twitter: @Bitraged –


  1. As a matter of fact, just to show how ridiculous this new coin market is, i would challenge any of these so called "coin market" pros. They can use all there knowledge, speculation, and expertise. I will list coins on a dart board, make a toss, where it lands is my pick. We both invest 1000 usd and see who comes out ahead in a 3 month future. I gaurentee, we do this 10 times and my darts are as good or better than youre "opinions".

  2. I dont know why people continue to try to analyze coinmarkets. Its far too young, there is litterally nothing to analyze. Anaylyze the dow jones only using the last five years data. You would come to the conclusion anyone who invest becomes rich. A news story breaks, true or not, the whole coin market goes ass over tea kettle. You might as well as hit the casino and invest in slot machine pulls

  3. So btc is now below 8700 with a modest amount of volume. Hoping you can do a video about this soon and if you can mention the likelihood of the death cross. eg. what price will we have to fall to before the death cross occurs.

  4. Love the videos …great great job guys. Was just wondering between march 20 2018 @ pump o'clock till march 21 2018 @ dump o'clock (noon) wasn't the SRI in Divergence State and
    if so what does that mean.
    Thanks for shining your Light in my Life guys…

  5. They, they? Who are they?? I hate YouTubers creating fear to viewer!!!!! They. They say they see. Who??? Why even bring this up then you say oh I am not a financial advisor… Come on all you guys!!!!!! Why are you pretend to teach how to invest and use teminology for traders but oh. I'm not a financial advisor…

  6. Whether bitcoin will achieve it's destiny for what it was born for… But the idea is so psychologically addictive that once you own it…It's an asset you can't ignore. Especially in developing countries where corruption is rampant. This idea … Some ppl believe by heart and some exploit it….Like the market manipulatiors. They put forward unimaginative target…That common man falls for it. ..They make money n runaway…Coz they are whales who control market…. I just pray hope the revolution sathoshi imagined come true.

    I know it's a pure speculative mania..I brought again to have my contribution to this revolution.

  7. after your video i exited my long positions and took profit from yesterday,have to admit death cross+printed tether seems kinda sketchy and i wanted to thank you for your efforts,waiting for more confirmation now.<3

  8. volumes are more during asian times. i think asians are buying aggresively… i see volumes increasing in local exchanges. i took a small postion at 8300 for long term. Thats it…I will never sell that. I will spend it only when there will be no fiat in this world. I bought it now only to use in future..No money making on this…
    thanks for update.

  9. i really appreciate your channel… please keep it up. love your balanced disposition/view point… it's slightly on the pessimistic side but i appreciate that given all the foolishly optimistic channels on crypto… don't change! i've liked, subscribed and get notifications. thanks!

  10. "If we do see the death cross, there may be a sell-off mainly because people use it as an indicator….."

    Although I do believe that technological analysis has legitimacy based in human psychology, I sometimes wonder how much is real and how much of has become self-fulfilling prophesy.
    If there were no charts to look at, would the markets behave exactly the same? Would people always make the same decisions?

  11. You went after BitConnect right? Can you spear head a campaign against gold reward and binary coin and credence and the rest, how would you go after coins that are not registered where their base of operations is.

  12. This sounds like voodoo 😉 The cross is about to happen so I will no doubt eat my words but it seems to me that the cross is indicative of what a market did rather than indicating what a market will do and every major crash would naturally evoke one – we are 60 odd days from the highs. Also, I would have thought macro conditions (G20, etc) will have a bigger weighting on trend. Fingers crossed this passes without a fuss (perhaps in this case I won't cross anything, perhaps rub a rabbits foot?)

  13. The 12 and 26 EMA's crossed on the four hour today. These are the defaults in GDAX so significant in that you are forced to look at them.

    There is usually significant upside when they cross on the 4 hour so expect a run up to $10k after some daily consolidation.

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