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  1. hey Suppoman can you please give us update on Quark chain and your thoughts now that there test net is even better today, 14755.25tx/s compared to 2200 tx/s a few months ago the project is looking really great I think and hope to see it in the top 20 coin market cap by q4 2018 Thanks

  2. thanks for the continued high quality info through these crazy times when the flood comes its going to be a surprise but it will and will be big, is the facebook masterminds group no more can't find it whats oop thanks dude 🙂

  3. If you're keen to see blockchain make an actual difference, have a look into Opet Foundation, they've created an educational AI chatbot, this will help students study in a modern and fun way to help improve grades, a very worthwhile project!

  4. when u look drops, also look % of ups. If you look, #1 it is 6400% (from $0.5 to $32), #2, it is 2660% (from $10 to $266), #3, it is 1140% (from $110 to $1254), last (#4), it is only 666% (from $3000 to $20000), so you can see everytime %up has gone down, so if u assume 80% drop from $20000 to $4000, by the trend of % up, it is more like 300-400% next time, so from $4000 it could go only up to $12-16000 thus I would think $5-6000 is the bottom, which could then at least go to $25-30,000 with a 300-400% up when it consolidates around $6000-8000 before next bull run

  5. What's different this time compared to previous bubble burst, and that many analysts are neglecting, is the fact that the cryptocurrency market today is not only about Bitcoin. In earlier days, the BTC-dominance was at about 95-80 percent whereas today it is anywhere between 30 and 60 percent.

    What does this mean? It means that in order to proper analyze the market you have to look at the entire cryptocurrency market, not just Bitcoin. Remember that investors in a highly speculative market like cryptocurrency do not care whether they profit from Bitcoin or the altcoins ==> Profit is profit, and it's basically cashflows in and out of a market – not just Bitcoin. In previous years, Bitcoin WAS the market due to the high BTC-dominance. Today, Bitcoin is just half of the market. To put things in perspective: The drop from ATH for the entire cryptocurrency market during the bear market in 2014-2015 was approximately 80 percent. The same number during the present bear market has touched 78 percent.

    What I'm seeing is a strong Bitcoin which continue to gain market dominance. The long awaited capitulation will probably not come for Bitcoin as the bottom of 5.7k is exactly at same price-level where the parabolic run started (CME futures were announced on november the 1st ). This is important due to the fact that Bitcoin has never ever bottomed out below a price level where a parabolic run started (defined as several big green weekly candles in a row). For the altcoins, it's another story – we've seen some capitulation already…we might see some more downward-movement, or this could be it, and the market is ready to consolidate before eventually moving up again.

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