Did Bitcoin’s Crash Blow Its Last Chance?

Bitcoin’s latest rally also failed. What does this likely mean for BTC? We explain. To come to the webinar with Charlie Burton and Alessio: …


  1. LOL constantly taking in new info and chasing…thats what alessio teaches you. no strong recommendations just if this happens then this if that then that….okay so explain to me why bitcoin went back up after dropping below 6k? youve said it will likely fall below time and time again but no we didnt see that. Alessio is fully aware of false market signals. He knows that markets often fall below critical support only to bounce, much much higher. Dont listen to this clown. the only way to invest in a heavily manipulated market is to do FA and try to buy where a reversal could happen. if you did your DD and believe bitcoin is worth 100k why does it matter to you what the market is doing in the short term? The hedgies are absolutely clueless when it comes to the intrinsic value. Bitcoin is not going anywhere folks!

  2. Hey Alessio, looking forward to your next video. I'm interested to know your thoughts on the second false breakout of the $6,000.00 support level that we have just seen. Are you again bullish?

  3. alessio is a emotional trader who convinces themselves a scientific reasoning during his emotional episodes during trading bitcoin isn't going any lower then 5700 EVER AGAIN EVER EVER EVER IN THE REST OF THE FUTURE OF MANKIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Problem with this comparison between gold and bitcoin is that Bitcoin is a technology which changes every single day while gold stays the same for centuries and its use has been limited to industry and jewelry while been excluded from the monetary system as a means of trading with it. Bitcoin is getting better with its Lightning network and at 100% capacity it will look extremely appealing to banks and financial institutions to replace the cash system we currently have.

  5. Alessio you might be hung up on the idea that the bulls had 3 failed rallies. But the same can be said that the bears had 3 failed corrections. Since the bulls keep defending the 6k level maybe the bears aren’t winning and we’ll get a trading range between 6-8k for the near term future.

    Bulls defending 6k and bears defending 8k till the ETF gets approved

  6. Dude you’ve been wrong for quite a while on this shit just give up and stop quoting quotes nobody cares!

    We get the gist of probabilities we’re not idiots. But you cannot keep using this shit to constantly cover your ass on being wrong time and time again.

    Worthless! 😓😓😓😓

  7. What separates the first string from the second string defense? The first string will hold the line, they are seasoned. Fear does not control their action or reaction. Battles are won by holding the line.

  8. Well, IMHO, this just gives me time to build up more fiat to invest at the bottom. I still think long term this is a full bull run. Maybe a last chance at getting in relatively low. I don’t have any idea about timeframe, but I still believe in BTC long term. I’m saving to buy the dip.

  9. You should be ashamed. 4 weeks ago you were pumping this garbage. Another failed rally!!! Professional market analyst!! You are a joke or worse.. My non investing friends can see the long term downward trend in bitcoin. Lower lows, lower highs..?! Heard of that? Do not listen to this man unless you want to lose thousands. https://youtu.be/bBqYfBAXyvE

  10. Again Alessio … From the day you spoke about a rally up in the 27th of July forward … the timing indicator … I told you from the get go … if some indicator was there was to mark a takedown …. always in this chat ever since I've been saying: BTC is going Down … Big time!
    Today btc went Below the 6000 there is no support whatsoever… it's going down at least to 4K ..and the process is ongoing.
    Moreover … if the ICO's and 99.9% of altcoins start to implode because 99% of those are simply Scams .. it is going to take a toll on btc price. the correction is going to be huge! Even below 4K waty below 4K in that even !

  11. Hey maybe it's not flat resistance – I see more like falling wedge on big picture – there is nothing unusual right now on BTC chart… but altcoins are getting slaughtered.

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