Decentralize Bitcoin Mining, Crypto Tax Force And India Keeps Crypto Ban In Place

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  1. Don’t you feel the doors closing ? Governments are feeling the heat and are ganging up to stop bitcoin – if they don’t make tax – they will end bitcoin – before people raise up to tell me how bitcoin can’t be stopped – just imagine India on steroids – why would any government be pleased with the prospect of people doing business and not paying them their taxes?? The other point is – if I trade on the stock market and pay taxes – why shouldn’t you pay taxes trading crypto ?? – just remember – what a government can’t control – it will destroy – they have the time and money to destroy crypto when they want – the fact that so many coiners don’t want to pay taxes to the jurisdiction they mad money on – says a lot about their weak talabanic ( criminal ) mindset – benefiting and not wanting to pay ones fair share is dishonest and fundamentally immoral

  2. India just looking for a way to loot money from there everyday people and then lift the ban.. you people in india need to stand up cryptos will get you out of the poor days and into the good days and enjoy life.

  3. "Currency needs to be a reliable store of value"… did that jackass really say that? Name one currency that is a reliable source of value!?!? What's the US dollar worth again? I'll tell you what it's worth, it's worth shit!

  4. We are still in the king times! For what one should pay tax from crypto!!!! I earn my money and payed tax on it!!!! Why when I invest them in crypto I should pay again why???? Doesn’t make any sense!!!!

  5. about crypto taxs ….. be happy to pay it but …. under the condition that any losses can be written off as well … its only fair that it goes both ways, so if government wants to go along with that fine …otherwise … keep your terranic hands out of my pockets

  6. Even though RBI bans banks to deal with crypto exchanges. their already are alternative's such as Local Bitcoin and even Indian exchanges are coming up with peer to peer services. Though this ban might temporarily deter people from investing in crypto, those seeking for the long term hold are not worried.

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