Day Trading Strategies ($583.15 to $335,027.71) for Beginners: Class 2 of 12

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  1. One thing i don't understand is why are you in these challenges? If you would make that profit percentage with lets say 50 000€ instead of 500€ you would have made 28 million? I don't get the logic here..

  2. So you've made a 57,451% annual return and in the last 30 years of the World Cup Trading Championships no one has been able to exceed a 1000% annual return. Wow, you must be a really good trader.

  3. The part of you talking in the car feels really personal.
    Actually, a ~10 minute introductory video where you're driving in your car talking about your success and a few key reasons why you were able to achieve it as well as how to start, would be an easy video for your fans to share.
    If you make one (assuming you haven't, other than this), I'll send it to a few friends and family.

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