Day trading cryptocurrency/BITCOIN. Crypto news today: Coinbase OTC trading desk.

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  3. I have been thinking about signing up for signals, and also was thinking to try bitmex, but seems scary lol maybe with signals would be less stressful haha, have you thought about using telegram to send out signals? I find it much more user friendly, I’m actually growing about 30% monthly in BTC on there through a bot. One thing I don’t understand is how does OTC not affect the price of BTC, then who is paying profits, the whole OTC pot? wouldn’t you want all that money actually going to the markets in order to become less manipulated the bigger it gets?

  4. In my opinion OTC markets are bad for us. Whales buy on OTC now (no upward price movement) but will be selling on exchanges (bringing the price down in the future). Am I missing sth??

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