Davor Coin Crypto Exchange Disappeared – Bitcoin Lending Scam

A little history on Davor Coin, bitcoin lending scam that fell soon after Bitconnect. This video is a reminder to NEVER trust crypto lending platforms! **Update** …


  1. I invested US$100K in Davor Lending a month ago (before BitConnect exit/collapse). Today they cancelled Lending platform and returned 1200 DAV worth approximately $12. This was not a situation where I bought and held $100K of DAV and the market just got the best of me. Taking $100k for Lending program (for which same $100K value was to be released at market rate at the end of the loan period) and returning $12 is EXIT SCAM and probably about a dozen felonies (if they were in USA). No other definition. Of course I knew there were risks, lending stopping and capital returned, lower yield, etc, but complete exit scam/theft was not an outcome I seriously considered when initially investing.

  2. Apparently there was a bug regarding to the cancellation of the new lending's because if you do cancel it<some people find a way to get both DAV and USD at the same time so they get unlimited amouth of money lend,cancel, then Dump, and repeat this what happened to davor market manipulation

  3. Please allow these platforms to at least update there platforms if need to, Don't panic!!! It's like my Bride's call me up and ask why my Website is down and I'm scheduled to Photograph there Wedding in 3 months, maybe I'm doing spring cleaning..LOL just relax we all in bussiness have to maintain..

  4. WOW! That is happening to me and I could not exchange my DAV to BTC. Price has dropped . My $656 daily profit turned into $353. I'm waiting until coins goes back up. . Dam. Should we worry? Nice video by the way

  5. Actually there is reason for them to do this.. BEcause Rookie investors Freak OUT and sell like crazy when it drops instead of HODLing like they should do. Davor is just trying to get through a Normal dip while minimizing the sells. Other lending platforms freeze everything (Hextracoin) grr

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