Dangerous Trends in Bitcoin

Thinking about purchasing a Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet? Browse their official website: Want to join coinbase to begin …


  1. If you do not control your private keys, then you do NOT own your Bitcoin. Like gold/silver, if you don't hold it/possess it, you don't own it. OPENDIME Coldcard Wallet for a nice affordable storage device with excellent security.

  2. what about the paper wallet?? I mean, those do have some good/great use cases.
    ALL wallets should be, "private". Some are offline (cold) … keep your private keys, private!

  3. If I may suggest a video topic, especially as many watch your channel.

    I consider how stealth like all this Crypto world is and heavens forbid, something happens to one of us and we’re not able or cannot, pass on the appropriate info needed to reaquire the funds invested.

    Imagine the wealth which could be lost, loved ones effected for sure.

    Possibly a Crypto Will is in order…?

    digging the education from beach to beach 🌴

  4. At last! Thanks for mentioning KeepKey. A lovely product that rarely gets the credit it deserves.

    And if I may suggest.
    It's about time someone built a bigger hardware wallet for the seniors market. Small may be good for most but spare a thought for the elderly and their declining eye sight and motor skills

  5. Keeping your wallets online is also not ideal in case there is a server outage or in case they have high traffic which they can disallow you to withdraw your funds for some time. Not good during times of high volatility where people need access to their funds in order to make trades among different coins.

  6. I totally agree about Coinbase, I never used them prefer to use smaller lesser known services, so much better and i think secure, but all in all as for wallets, never use exchanges as permanent storage of coins, we all know that anyways, thanks for the video updates, sincerely JR Exciting World Cryptos

  7. I love your videos!
    Can you (or anyone) please tell me where to go (zip 85208) to get started.
    I'd like to buy a bit of Ethereum and/or Bitcoin and/or something as reliable that's at a good price.
    Do I bring cash or money order or cashier's check (for no paper trail). Or use a credit card ?
    What fees and % might I have to pay?
    Do I use a 'paper wallet' or can I bring / use a standard USB stick ??
    After that, which a the best websites to buy more later ?

  8. Yea, given Bitcoin is a long term investment for me, I could see where complacency would put my coins at risk. I still believe the consumer needs some protection and I’m not sure how that can be achieved. One things for sure, if Bitcoin grows and my account gets larger, I will need to do something to protect my investment. Thanks for your reply.

  9. Whats up with your title? It has nothing to do what you discussed. Please dont turn into these other tubers scare tactics with your titles.

  10. Coinbase was a nightmare for my crypto mentor. Last year he started investing January 17'. He tried to sell @ $18,000 per BTC. Coinbase said "Unfortunately we're overwhelmed so we cannot process crypto to fiat transactions". As a test, he attempted to buy, and well, it was quite successful. That there should have been a red flag for me. Thankfully I kept that notion in the back of my head while getting started in early march of this year. After all the teeth pulling it took to set up my ACH, dealing with a glitchy kyc, and getting scammed of 50 bucks by someone in Pakistan posing as Coinbase tech support (Google and coinbase don't do enough to police fake numbers in search results)as well as waiting forever for funds to clear… I finally dropped them. ABRA is way cheaper, faster, and more efficient. Long story short, DYOR and you'll find as a noob that there are much better choices than CONbase.

  11. Even after directly ordering my Ledger from the Manufacturer, I also needed to make sure I personally received the delivery package myself. That's how far I'm willing to go to make sure my cryptos are as safely stored in a clean and untempered device as they can be – not to mention buying it from Amazon or eBay. 🙂

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