Dangerous Bitcoin Signals Emerge – Find Out What They Mean

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  1. My guess:
    Bounce off of 5900-6k, then we'll fly up to 7200-8K on moderately low volume, and then we tank until May 2019. That's my guess. I think this July is our last "false hope" month and capitulation truly begins Aug 1-6th, here shortly.

  2. To really understand anything deeply means that one would possess the ability explain it concisely. Your style of keeping it "simple" follows in-line with this reality. What I'm really trying to say is that, at least in the crypto-sphere, you are the "All-Being" (Master of Time, Space, Price, Inverse Correlation, and Holographic Dimension.) How far do u think this current Bitcoin pullback will fall? Also would love to hear your current analysis of Digibyte

  3. I am following Steve for past 8 weeks and trying to keep the track of his technical analysis and today I can say that Steve is amazing guy and it’s true that he give us information prior to it happens i.e. making crypto simple for us, Steve please make a video on EOS.

  4. hi steve, thanks a lot for the short cap of cardano!very helpfull.as is every single one of your videos!
    i really enjoy them all. if. i had the money for your classes, i’d join them.keep up the good work and thank you for all!

  5. Hey Steve,

    Been subscribed for a while. You're the first cat (and really the only one) I turn to for technical analysis. I don't care for channels that post videos daily just to keep their views up. You're real but more importantly, you're passionate. Appreciate your expertise. Anyways, I know there isn't much data on EOS, but would you dive into that a bit? Thanks!

  6. I love how humble and down to Earth you talk/teach your crew. You are very helpful and informative! How about looking at Ethos/BQX? Maybe a little bit of TA, but I’d love to hear more on your fundamental analysis of what they are aiming to achieve in helping crypto reach the masses. Thanks man, keep it up!!!

  7. Ive been using TA for years. Be careful that you dont use TA to suit your thinking. I try to stay with simple indicators such as resistance / Support and trend lines. I use a daily chart for best tech. I note that BTC has broken up above the long term down trend. – often a bullish signal. So as always: DYOR

  8. Hey Steve Thanks So Much for your Videos for the crypto community , I was lucky enough to discover your videos in Jan and pulled out of the market just in time and saved myself from losing a lot of money, since then your free videos have been enough to help me make a lil extra change that I put into a new ICO and once I cash that out, I plan to take your full classes. I'm building a site (bitcoin 4 dummees .com ) in the spirit of your videos to give back and help the crypto community learn and earn crypto and recommend your classes and way of thinking and trading. I'd really love for you to cover Electroneum, I was an Ico investor and current holder after taking some profit and rebuying at much lower levels, ETN has a VERY LARGE COMMUNITY, larger than
    most top coins combined and the largest ICO in 2017 in terms of user numbers. Its is designed to Make Crypto Simple for Grandma, you can attract a subscription user base covering this coin regularly as there are A LOT of Noobs in this coin…
    Thanks again for all that you do.

  9. I doubt there will be a retracement back to 6.2k because rsi has broke above 50. It will now likely bounce off 50 as support. In my opinion, there will be significant upward price action in 2-3 days time.

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  11. Steve, honestly, what % do you do per year? Do you trade forex? You are the best Steve, never change and thank you for all the free advice and insanely good TA. Please do ONTOLOGY next, and discuss GAS distributions and airdrop slightly if you can!

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