Dan Pena Gets Called Out At University of Florida (turn cc on!)

Hey all, I’m Verse — the kid in the video. Here it is: 1. Pena approached the Entrepreneurship Club at my university and marketed himself as somebody who …


  1. He served in the military, where your job is homicide. Of course you can't relate to that. I served in the Marine Corps. Yes people used to kill bears with sticks, and stones, his attitude is normal for an alpha male.

  2. Usually when someone claims to "call out" someone, there are some facts involved. All you did was name a few companies, claim to have done research on him (you haven't), and then call him a fraud. Yeah he got aggressive, because he is a man who actually has cojones…men with cojones get aggressive when someone calls them a fraud. Really poorly played, smug.

    If you want to act like an intellectual, playing the card humbly is always the best way to go about it. There were people there who wanted to ask real questions of Dan. Dan was a 2nd-Lieutenant in the US Army; he has had a level of responsibility that you cannot imagine. People's lives have depended on the instincts of Dan. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    I personally can think about positive and negative things about Dan; but that is because I have humbled myself and kept my mouth shut enough to actually watch and learn about him before claiming to know him. Your pattern is the opposite: act like an expert without any research. Pathetic.

    In my Master's program I was told continually that I needed to think more, and do more research before writing my papers. You obviously have not been humbled, put in your place enough to realize that all you did was act like a spoiled child in public. Must make you feel special to call a man who has made it in life a fraud in public. Acting like an expert without doing your research. Grow up.

  3. if you are going to call someone a "fraud" you better have some solid arguments for it. Just because you don't understand the path to success, it doesn't mean that what Peña teaches is a fraud. Just because you meditate, it doesn't make you a good person, or it doesn't even mean you are right. You literally said "I'm the punk in the video" in the description of this video. I think you are just a poor minded kid with tremendous need of attention.

  4. 1.He has been in business and teaching business before your parents were in the workforce. I'm from Houston, trust me he is no fraud.
    2.Dan Pena is not for the faint-hearted, this explains why you don't like or believe him.
    3.You can literally go watch videos of his safaris in Africa on his YouTube page. I don't doubt he stabbed a wounded bear to death at all. It was wounded.
    4.You, your family or friends wouldn't and couldn't so you logically assume Pena wouldn't or couldn't.
    5.You are attempting to use Dan Pena's name for sales. Good luck.
    6.As old as Pena is I bet he could still kick your ass.

    Just like a young lazy liberal….always wanting to deny and doubt others achievements because they have none. The reality is this kid is attempting to use Dan Pena's fame to generate a couple extra book sales. Lazy, hateful and just sad.

  5. Dan Peña is a dick. He showed a lack of control here. He has issues and tries to come off as a tough guy until he meets his match. If you are reading this Dan Peña. A real man knows how to control his emotions.

  6. I think everyone talking shit is a bunch of pussies that never had the guts to go and learn from Dan. I don’t know if he’s a fraud or not and frankly I don’t believe he is. I’ll spend the money to find out for myself with no regrets. I’m not scared to spend a little money. More than half of you all are all probably broke as a joke and are scared to risk your savings. Pussies. Go find out if he’s a fraud for your damn self. Your opinions are all based on speculation and hypotheticals.

  7. Great Western Resources was on the LSE it is in public domain. . I did my due dilligence on Dan early on when I first found out what he was. I think this guy Verse did himself a discredit by doing this. verse if you can read this don't follow the crabs in a bucket theory.



  9. -Lozano provokes Dan on purpose to try and get the video viral & make money with his little book
    -Camera man had no reason to shake the camera at the end to try and make it "appear" like Dan was reaching for his shoulder
    -Totally planned disruption of Dan's Q&A session
    -Police didn't escort anybody LOL! The policeman said the room is closed since Q&A is over when Dan closed it cause of the disrespectful kid saying to him "I think you're a fraud"

    Readers beware – he doesn't present the total truth in his Gainesville Sun article he got put up

    -Total misrepresentation of the facts so he can try and make a little money

  10. Lol at all the comments along the lines of "Dan was violent when confronted about being a fraud so he must be a fraud!" First off, understand the era Dan comes from. They all smacked eachother and shit got handled quicker and then they moved on. Just how shit was handled back in the day. That's been validated to be successful in Dan's mind. No ones changing that. Secondly, I've seen enough of Dan to know that he works his ASS off. Insane work ethic. Imagine working that hard to get to where you are at and then some little punk comes up and just calls you a fraud. Your ass might take it a little personal as well, knowing all the blood, sweat and tears you've put into something, just to have someone come in and try and discredit all of it. Third, you have every right to think someone is a fraud. Every right. But you just don't come out and say it lol. Ask some more questions to get down to a deeper truth of why you believe that maybe? You finally get the man in front of you and discredit him with one word. Dan is also in the mentality that he doesn't like to waste time. I'm sure he'd never get anything accomplished if all he did was argue with the critics. They are on his time. Not their time.

  11. LOL folks getting wise to con man Pena at last! Been laughing at this guy since I saw him on London Real and looked into him, very hard to find anything concrete about him or anyone he's ever been associated with.

  12. They are all real companies, which can be discovered in under a minute of googling (just check companies house). So this guy's challenge to Pena started out 100% wrong thereby invalidating the rest of his argument. Too bad.

  13. Dan Pena don't give 2 fucks! You bullshit Dan and he'll smack the shit out of you, the man don't fucking play. What kind of crack does that crazy smoker think they are smoking?

  14. Good on this kid for standing up (in a place of academic discourse). Lets face it. Are we really surprised by Dan Pena's potentially overstating his claims? i.e…Of being responsible for fifty billion dollars in business (50 billion dollar man?) Is that even quantifiable? This kid in the video appeared to raise a valid question into Pena's background and Dan basically goes straight nuts on him. Dan P should take it easy, he probably just proved this kid's point is probably true. He probably is a partial fraud. Sad AF.

  15. Someone ought to slap you for being so stupid. There are public records of a 1987 law suit to GWRI, and it being swalled in a M/A is on Bloomberg. I understand skepticism, but telling someone "I partially think you're a fraud" based on a nonsensical train of thought that anything that's not on the internet didn't happen, is beyond stupid. Then when following that same thought of train not looking hard enough to find the evidence that disproves your theory, I'm at a loss of words.

  16. I dont think a self respecting self made man would attack a student this way if he was not a fraude. If you called steve jobs or bill.gates or elon a fraude they would just laugh. Dan is a fraude, just do your own research.

  17. What a disrespectful little shit!
    First of all, you dont call someone a fraud for their accomplishments from 25 years ago when YOU cant find evidence of their success.
    And think about this: Dan travels by his own dollar to give talks to university's (which again shows why your a disrectful dickhead), he doesnt charge them anything, he owns Guthrie Castle for fuck sake!, owns multiple luxury cars and is a mentor to extremely successful CEO's and entrepreneur's. How do you have the nerve to talk to him like that? Oh and by the way, GWRI was a real company you retard, just because nothing shows up in the first page of google, it doesnt mean the company (from the 80's) doesnt exist. Just get in contact with someone from the london stock exchange and ask for the records. Idiot

  18. Get that ill-tempered bloody fuck out of here. The new world does not tolerate that. His world is old and has had its time in history. We don't talk to someone like that. All that young adult did was bring up a valid opinion that was very civilized and just wanted to have Dan answer that in a quick debate. The old adult got disrespected by a college student and thinks he is entitled to everything. Frankly, I don't have an opinion on whether he is a fraud or not but judging from his reaction he must have a deep-rooted feeling of guilt and lashes back at people who attack that feeling.

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