Daily Update (8/8/18) | Dispelling the FUD on Bitcoin ETFs

What are your thoughts on current markets? Are you optimistic or bearish? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video.


  1. WITH 15 etf s on the way , i would expect them to delay the first few , then pluck out the worst etf application to reject , thus smash the price down lower , and once there bags are full of cheap BTC and alts ,start approving etf s , so yes it s probabley a good time to invest , but just like the movie the big short , when you allow for the corruption factor , crypto will probabley take longer than it should to recover ,

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  3. Thanks for your insight and positivity, Nick. Really appreciate your updates. Please ignore the idiots who feel you are somehow responsible for their bad fortune or decisions. Everyone needs to take personal responsibility and realize that this is a risky space that we chose to be engaged in. Although smart, Nick does not control the markets or predict the future. Stop complaining about someone sharing valuable experience with you, for free.

  4. Can you have block chain without cryptos? People are saying the corporation are getting into the block chain so cryptos aren't dead, but maybe you can still use the block chain without buying cryptos.

  5. hahah that news from the DEA is priceless. we have all been saying this forever now that it is absolutely idiotic for criminals to use it…and yet the mainstream media (including movies!!) have been insinuating every single time. ha man…

  6. I’m sticking with Cardano. Bought more at .11cents yesterday. ADA is here to stay. Love the Cardano community. All the people bashing Nick about calls he’s made in the past should make their own predictions, due research yourself, get into projects that are going to stick around. 80%-90% of the coins wont be here in a few years, Cardano will be. My opinion, my investment. Thanks Nick

    DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE THE ONE TALKING ABOUT THE FUCKING ETF ON EVERY FUCKING EPISODE

  8. Stop reassuring people and making them feel like they'll be okay to hodl, after this recent sell off, we broke key support at $6800. anyone who knows TA is now looking for a short term bounce too cool off the RSI, then will set a new lower low below 6000. Anything can happen but bitcoin is now most definitely in favor of the bears.

  9. Quote: "They're not rejecting it … that's a huge telling sign".
    Oh really? They haven't rejected off the cuff in the past either, but delayed their decision – and then … er … rejected them. So what is the "huge telling sign" here?

  10. 04 March 2019 This is the time period the last extension will come up. Expect the SEC to utilize all extensions. This is basic info and the ETF deadline is drama, hype. Albeit it will onboard more investors it simply iisn't needed in the space.

  11. Loved the content!, but stop with the calls! you are the most famous crypto youtuber! and a lot of people will follow your calls, which the whales will manipulate the market in the opposite direction to rekt them. thats why the market moves in the opposite direction of your calls most of the time…
    Keep up the good work nick! you are the best!

  12. All the idiots in the comments below that made investments on his calls are morons. Make your investments based on you and only you. It’s not his problem. He provides great technical analysis and information on the market based on what the market is currently doing. He doesn’t have a crystal ball. No one does. The market has a mind of its own and we can only invest based on what we see happening and what we know. Datadash makes great and entertaining cryptocurrency content! Keep doing you man, all these people are just looking for a scapegoat for why they lost money 😂

  13. Haha. Is this the panic or anger stage? Herd is angry at anyone saying bull. There are tons of bearish channels out there if you don't like this one. No one knows for sure what will happen. It's now a Game of Whales.

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