Daily Update (6/30/18) | Deutsche Bank fails FED stress test

What do you think about current markets? Are you optimistic? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed …


  1. would love to see more tech talk. For example specific applications of blockchain. Explain the existing problem, explain how blockchain solves it, in a humanly understandable format. For example i don't fully see how blockchain actually solves the supply chain. Maybe then present some interesting projects that you are willing to put your money where your mouth is, as an add-on video. You can do this kind of thing for various other serious blockchain applications… voting, ticket sales, cloud storage, personal data/privacy, healthcare, etc… Develop videos on a single application of blockchain…
    But you must not stop your tech analysis videos and relating it to the financial markets. That content is unique and good!

  2. The Ponzi scheme continues – The 'too bog to fail' banks are cheating on the stress test. Most of them are running a +50-1 leverage on a daily basis, except for 4 days each year, when they are 'tested'.

  3. yes keep you eye on the bond market that will be the 1st to go. If Deutsche bank fails it will be planned in advance you might see a ATM closed during a weekend due to some virus then followed buy the announcement then banks not opening and a bail in language promised with a restructure and a max withdrawal rate per week then a total shutdown look for bank closing now

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  5. HI Nick, I follow your videos earnestly. I have been waiting for some time for a review of Neblio from you. Since they have a very low circulating supply and have their own blockchain solution, I am eager to know your views about them. Hope you will publish one soon!

  6. thanks so much Datadash, good information, seems there is a turn around in the market for now, its good, but if in doubt just HODL, sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos

  7. Its sad to think that there are a lot of traders out there are still losing money. I wish more people can be given the opportunity I was given, to have Mr Kenneth as their expert trader and if anybody is ready to contact him i have his number and email address.

  8. Don't forget that ETF's pose a problem in which they pour money into sectors and companies that might not even be doing well and inflating prices. It also allows people with very little investing experience to enter the markets when they might have no other business doing so making it more irrational.
    Also Facebook wants everything on their own blockchain, complete control for them, why would any be trusting them at all at this point?

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