Daily Update (3/28/2018) | CBOE encourages SEC to approve Bitcoin ETFs

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  1. Great video Nick like as always. It is disturbing to see some members kind of ABUSE to jwels like Nick and other few youtubers out there with unccessary ventilation of their frustration. Sad!…….keep doing great job Nick…Cheers!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, I’ve been enjoying your positive outlook. You seem quite insistent that we’re at the lower end of the cycle…. However, I’m not hearing that message from the other credible crypto YouTubers. As I type this, it’s dropping through the floor with no indication of slowing down.
    I do wonder at times, if your analysis is clouded by wishful thinking.
    You did say, however, BTC to possibly stabilise at 7200 support level. We’re currently there. Let’s see how this plays out.

    Half hour later… $6800… And down and down it goes.

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  4. Some of these comments make me wonder if 14 year olds are keyboard fighting. If some of you had this insane notion crypto was one way up and no testing times you are sorely mistaken. Secondly if you DYOR (I imagine some of you do not ) you would see among many articles that this is not unexpected or that this channel is not the only one pointing to facts, not based on hype. DYOR , learn and then if you are prepared invest for future. BTW great video as usual Nicholas.

  5. Philakone called you guys out, saying that you are clueless on what death cross is. That you stated that it had no significance on the occurrence of the last death cross. When it actually lasted 400 days on a downtrend. Check out his last video.

  6. Hey datadash can you please cover dash in one of the daily updates? It’s at a major discount from it’s all time highs and I would like to know your opinion on it. I am considering taking a position but I would like more analysis

  7. I was a foolish bull in the crypto space for the past 6 months.
    I can only see it go down for many months to come for now. There has just been far too much bad news and bad press to really invite new investors and new money.

    We'll see a reduction in icos and new projects. Alot of coins dying and alot of traders condensing their portfolios to safer or coins or even towards stocks.

    The big news we need in a large country adoption or for a big country to start raising their bans. Will it happen this year to invite new money???

    Who knows. But I wouldn't count on it. December/January was a freak! Don't see it happening again myself

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