Daily Update (11/7/18) | Crypto markets make gains, but can volume follow?

What are your thoughts on current markets? Are you optimistic or bearish? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video.


  1. An economist said Bitcoin price movement could be closely related to Google searches for the cryptocurrency, I don't really know how true that is.But i worked with a man called Joseph Civello he helped me achieve a lot from bitcoin trading and i am forever grateful to him

  2. JP M took over hundreds tones of physical silver from Lehman Brothers in 2008 when they've gone bankrupt, in exchange and as a compensation for taking over some toxic assets and investments from them. They have realised how LB was suppressing commodities prices for over a 10 years and JP continued to do so until today. Im wondering, what is the benefit of suppressing the price of silver for biggest physical silver hodler in the world? Happy to hear your ideas and discuss with all of you. I can't figure this out myself even if there is few JPM ex-employees admitting it, there is no explanation of why they do this

  3. Thanks Nicholas, another fantastic video.
    The massive elephant in the room is the huge global debt… In 2008 when there was a whiff of collapse and default, the central banks injected liquidity into the markets by dropping interest rates and experimenting with QE.
    This new round of cheap and easy money resulted in transferring the liabilities to the taxpayer and inflating the prices of all assets i.e. the solution to the last problem became the catalyst for the new problem, but just magnified on a greater scale.
    Sorry if this rant is a bit off track, but the wealth inequality and asset/market bubble stems from loose monetary policy and massive debt, it may not have been intended at the outset, but once it's effects were evident, the banks just kept printing.
    By some metrics, the cost of borrowing for the US government has risen 1500% over the last 5 years (2 year bond 0.2% 2013 up to 3% 2018), with US national debt at $21trillion that is a considerable increase in debt expenditure and with foreign buyers less keen to purchase US debt it is only a matter of time before something gives!

  4. It’s incorrect to say fiats fail because there’s still major ones that have not. Mismanaged? Of course! But not failed. You cannot fund and keep the value of a currency at a stable price with an increasing/decreasing population if you cannot increase/decrease the amount of fiat in circulation in relative amounts (printing/taxing).

    When newly printed fiat does not go into real goods or services for the economy, you’ll have issues like inflation and devaluation of currency in relation to assets. When used for goods and services, you won’t experience those things as much or at all.
    Ex: that’s why massive government spending for WW2 didn’t increase inflation but an economic boom. It was used to employee all workers, including women, to produce goods and services that were demanded by a large customer (war). Same thing with bailing out the auto companies. Printed money for goods and services and no runaway inflation and taxes eventually absorb and destroy that extra currency the more it gets transacted.

    As out population grows we need more currency to supply it. We cannot experience a growth from 300 million people to 350 million people with the same average wages per person without increasing the money supply to keep the fiat at a stable relative value.
    Also it doesn’t matter if an Apple costs $1 or $100 if the value of the $ and income stay relative to the historic agreed value of the Apple in relation.

  5. How did Trump not play a role in this? He gave tax cuts to corporations to pump into the stock market. We have a massive tax cut for the corporations, they do record stock by backs to pocket this debt money used to pump the stock market, and Trump didn't play a role? hmmmm.

  6. "Arbitrage is the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset." Warren Buffet

    https:// arbitraging-arb.blogspot .com

  7. Thanks Nick. I just deleted a maybe 5000 word response and I was just getting started. The government is broken. If it can not be fixed. An alternative means of having your needs addressed must be found. I am in no way advocating anything against the government just stating maybe bi-passing it and going to a more direct approach. A means of having your opinion be counted and tabulated in a fair independent manner. blockchain offers that and so much more…It offers solutions. I have heard the same old complaints that are just getting worse and the so called representatives are ineffective in solving. We must do it ourselves. Left, right, middle. I am talking about real life solutions. Religion, race and other personal matters are just that. Personal.

  8. Nic, I like your anger. You have PRINCIPLES, something rare in your generation of apathetic follow-the-grind-and-don't-ruffle-any-feathers helicopter-parented kids.
    Still, you are not seeing the bigger picture. Graphs and charts are only ONE measure of reality, not the complete audit of it. You SHOULD ask yourself the question "Is the stock market an elite club?" rather than ask " Why is the stock market an elite club?". The difference between the two is that Q1 prompts you to do your own research, while Q2 gets you to become emotional…and irrational.

    Personally, I don't think bubbles are created by some evil plot-mongers who resent Humanity: they are created by Humans themselves. They want entertainment, adrenaline rush, ranking, win-lose bets and other hunger games. Why the crypto bubble of late 2017? Because some people got bored of Wall Street and wanted to brag about selling BTC for record prices. If people don't watch out, the Blockchain tech is going to get hijacked the same way, by people who think that ETFs and futures and other private chains managed by Crypto-hedge funds is a boon to this space. Big self-sabotage ahead.

    You said that greed is the culprit when things go wrong, I say that irrationalism is sole responsible. I mean, this should be the BEST time for new investor-folks to connect with the narratives behind cryptocurrencies and their projects. Instead, they get itchy about going in the red, whether XRP is going to beat XLM, when the next bullrun, why the delay in the SEC review…then get burnt out and leave, only to come back later on and weep with regret and depression. THESE people are killing the cryptospace by selling their hodlings to bankers and other institutions. These people and their lack of rationalism are killing Satoshi Naks' dream of a PEER2PEER (not peer-to centralised exchange/gambling house-to peer) medium of exchange of values.

    Freedom comes at a price that doesn't get measured in terms of USD, BTC or Lambos: unbreakable commitment to your own principles. Mr Buffet, Mr Gates, Mr Dalio, Ms Winfrey, Mr Musk, Mr Buterin would all know something about it because they exemplify this conundrum.

  9. I find stock market stuff boring but its good ur bringing up this info. It adds intrigueing value to cryptos and what is happening in the overall big pic👍 its not Trump fault. Trump is actually good again for the big picture for the U.S. People need to be open minded.

  10. Nic of all the people you should know you vote does not count and it's all a miss belief to have people think they have the power. The left the right all come from the same body, just a distraction!!!

  11. Nick, unfortunately I agree with your views. I try and tell people about this sort of stuff without much success. Either they don’t care or they start spouting rhetoric instilled upon them by whichever side they’re affiliated with. More than sad. I could see in your eyes the level of concern you rightfully have. Imagine if we didn’t have Crypto!!!

  12. Absolutely agree. People are unknowingly getting manipulated to get all pumped up on emotion and not use their brains. Where did we find those "Weapons of Mass Destruction" again? This country is greatest when people take their differences and come up with a compromise for the greater good of this country as a whole, not driven by some hard headed emotionally charged non-sense. I hope at some point here, all of us can start putting our big boy and girl pants on, and have some of those hard mature adult conversations. One nation, indivisible.

  13. I appreciate your rant. Historically speaking, it is true that when government is divided, the stock market remains calm, settled. Why? One, they, the financial establishment, are corrupt and don't like being told what to do, and they have lobbyists who create alliances with members of both sides of the parties to control laws and create laws that favor them, not the people, and then when these corrupt finance people are done making their profits – lol – they take government. appointed jobs and work hand in hand with which ever president is there… people should watch the 2010 documentary INSIDE JOB.

    Yes, you are totally correct about the divide of people, it's all a distraction… A) Its a Machiavellian technique – keep the people busy/angry/fearful focused over here so the people STILL don't see the big problem; B) It's history repeating itself – Charles Dickens wrote about the endless, infuriating British laws that made no sense – and all those Brits who wanted to escape the tyranny of their governmental system escaped to the New World to start something new – and thus 200 years later history repeats itself; our laws, our government has become such an obstacle – people give up.

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