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  1. The Lucchesi-Palli family are a top ancient Black Nobility which claim ancestry from the Lombard Kings. I believe Pope Lucius III of Lucca, Italy in the 12th century was an agent of this family. They are the owners of the Lucchese crime family in the United States. They currently have residences in Austria and oversee Austria as their territory. The family held titles and feudal rule in Sicily and Tuscany and originated in Lucca. The Lucchesi name derives from Lucca, Tuscany and the Palli name derives from their ancestors castle the Tres Palli which means three palaces and why they have three gold spheres on their coat of arms. They still have residences in Tuscany and own the Castle Brunnsee in Styria, Austria. The Palli family is also where the Pallavicini banking family of Italy and Austria have ancestry from. Today the Lucchesi-Palli family hold the Sicilian titles of Prince of Campofranco. It is believed that Franco refers to franchise or business however it is more likely related to France. The Palli family are a Greco-Persian family that settled in Sicily and intermarried with French-Sicilian Normans. The Lucchesi-Palli family have recently intermarried with the Massimo family through Princesss Francesca di Paola Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco married to Don Carlo Alberto Camillo X Massimo the Prince of Arsoli and their daughter married Baron Enzo Galli-Zugaro and his son Prince Camillo Massimo di Francesco married Eleonora Brancaccio of Sicilian nobility and they are the grandparents of Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio and Prince Stefano Massimo of Roccasecca. The Galli-Zugaro family are Roman Black Nobility and they recently married with the very powerful Gaetani-D'Aragon-D'Aquila family as well. The Galli family ruled in Gallese, Viterbo of the Papal States which uses the Galli coat of arms for its flag. The name Zugaro is connected with Zug, Switzerland which was ruled early on by King Ludwig the German of the Carolingian dynasty. Both the Galli-Zugaro and Lucchesi-Palli families are closely related to the Massimo family and they all have Italian-German-French ancestry and connections. Galli means a rooster and is also related with the Latin word Gallia for ancient France.The Galli-Zugaro family are a large bloodline with Baron Emilio Galli-Zugaro as a top member today and the former head of Allianz Group which is an international insurance company that worked with the Nazis. Another member of this family is Baron Francesco Galli-Zugaro and he created Aqua Expeditions a luxury cruise line.

    The French bloodline connections are important because these ancient clans were the ones that used Pepin the Short and the Carolingian dynasty to establish the Papal States and the Bishop of Rome as the supreme authority over Christianity and over the nations. As a front for the Black Nobility the Pope claims temporal power over the world. The Donation of Pepin was the beginning of their plans for a New World Order and the reestablishment of the Roman Empire. The Black Nobility are the feudal barons of the Papal States that governed the Vatican since its foundation. Roman princes are considered sovereigns which means they don't serve anyone. Prince Pietro Pio Lucchesi-Palli and Ruffo is the official head of this family. Prince Pietro Pio's brothers are Count Ferrante Emanuele and Count Umberto Antonio whose daughter is Countess Stefania Lucchesi-Palli. Prince Adinolfo Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco was also a Bourbon-Parma and his family established their residences in Austria. Another living member of this family named Count Adinolfo Lucchesi-Palli and his son Enrico Lucchesi-Palli reside in Tuscany today. Count Ludovico Lucchesi-Palli is Sicilian member of this family. Count Pio Lucchesi-Palli is a top member of this clan and his sons are Count Stefano and Count Carlo and they have connections with Germany and are extremely evil. The Lucchesi-Palli family seem to put most of their interests in managing Austrian and German nobility over protecting members of their mafia which is why they continue getting locked up. Their relatives established the Lucchese Boot Company which is run by the wealthy Texan John Muse. The lower part of Italy is referred to as the boot because it is shaped like a boot. Lucerne, Switzerland which is mostly Roman Catholic is connected with Lucca, Italy and the Lucchesi-Palli family gave the name to Lucca Sicula in Sicily which uses their coat of arms for its flag. Countess Rainiera von Waideck was from Lucerne, Switzerland and she married Prince Enrico Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco. Lucerna is the Latin word for light similar to Illuminati. The Lucchesi-Palli family are the architects of the Illuminati. The name Palli originates from the Latin word Pallium which means a cloak. Hidden in light. The Vatican uses this false light to conceal itself. The Lucchesi-Palli family are one of the highest authorities of the Nero Aristocrazia or Black Nobility. I believe the family has shares in the banking group Intesa Sanpaolo through its subsidiary of Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e della Lucchesia. The Hollywood producer Gary Lucchesi is an agent and relative of the Lucchesi-Palli family. Gary Lucchesi produced the film called Gotti: The Rise and Fall of a Real Life Mafia Don.

    The Lucchese crime family are one of the most dominant Italian crime syndicates in the United States and have large operations in New York City and Florida. Their Lucchese crime family were involved in the heroin trafficking operation called the "French Connection" and they made tens of billions through their mafia's tributes. They have an alliance with the Corsini family of Florence and Rome which run the Corsican Mafias along with the Bonaparte and Medici families. The French Connection or Mid Eastern heroin trafficking network into the US through the Corsican Mafia still continues to this day and mafias have been operating through ports in Baltimore which is infiltrated by the Corsican Mafia and some corrupt federal agents. They provide heroin and opium to black street gangs operating in Yonkers through their Tanglewood Boys covertly headed up by Joseph Lubrano. They are involved in rackets with Unions as well. The Russian Mafia in Brighton Beach have been under the authority of the Lucchese crime family with the Russian gangsters paying them tributes through the Russian mob boss Marat Balagula an associate of the Lucchese crime family. The Colombo crime family were extorting the Russian Mafia in New York so Balagula made an alliance with Lucchese crime boss Christopher Furnari while paying them a smaller tribute than the Colombo crime family's extortion rates. The Lucchese crime family's soldier Joseph Testa killed Vladimir Reznikov a Russian rival of Marat Balagula who had been threatening him. The Lucchese crime family are extremely murderous with their former mob boss Anthony Casso suspected of being involved in around 1000 murders. Through the Russian Mafia they have authority over the Armenian Mafia which operate in Hollywood. The Lucchesi-Palli family have also married with the Ruffo di Calabria family of Calabria and Sicily. The Lucchesi-Palli family and their ancient relatives the Pallavicini family are the owners of the Lucchese crime family of New York City with the mafia boss Joseph DiNapoli as an adviser and Joseph Caridi as a current top Lucchese crime boss. I believe the Lucchese crime family oversee mafia operations in waste management which are used for disposing of criminal evidence and human remains. Giuseppe Lucchese was a hitman for the Corleonesi crime family and from Brancaccio named for the Brancaccio family that later merged with the House of Massimo. The Massimo family are the owners of the Corleonisi mafia clan and receive dues from many crime syndicates. I believe the Lucchesi-Palli and Pallavicini families also have a portion of ownership over the Casamonica mafia clan of Rome.

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