Daily Crypto Update – Tron, Babb, BTC, INnv, Esz, Xbp

28th May 2018 – Tron, Babb, BTC, Inv, Esz, Xbp ****Join my monthly program to get 4 calls per month: …


  1. The market is probably down today due to a holiday (Memorial Day) in the USA. Most likely with shoot up tomorrow Im expecting Tron to began its journey upward tomorrow before main net so I bought some more today on the dip. Happy Holiday everyone.

  2. What is your opinion on how government regulations and involvement will effect the future crypto markets. You never have addressed this big pink elephant in the room? Thanks much!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on inv. Bought at .16, .14 and will buy more at .12. This one will go somewhere as soon as it gains some traction. Their marketing really stinks, but word of mouth will spread

  4. What an time for btc to dive. converted nearly all my coins to 200.000 Tron a couple of days ago.. Guess I am going to hold now as it's changed my plans of selling off before mainnet lol….only brightside was exchanging 400 dollars of pundi to kin at 164.

  5. Pundi x is limited by the token swop I think, which will take until September. So looking to get more till then, hopefully will push up price after cap realised?

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