Daily Crypto News: Bitcoin to $20k? XRP a security? Alibaba Blockchain? Bytom & Verge Updates

Daily Crypto News: Bitcoin to $20k? XRP a security? Alibaba Blockchain, Bytom to $1B, Alibaba Blockchain, Verge Updates Please let us know what you thought about our review below! Are you…


  1. Lol. Yep. You have it right. Crypto isn't easier yet. It will never be easier, but it could get as easy. It is the dial up of currency transactions. I am sending a little Tron to my sister to get her started, but once I do the first transfer it isn't so bad after that.

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  3. Keep it up! Love the videos. You've got a very warm personality and style for this type of info. When the bulls come back…the audience will come back….people never want the news, just the good news!

  4. Great video Elliot! Love your content. I am working hard to build passive income through crypto and would love any video that has you speaking to Staking/Airdrops/masternodes

  5. Hey man thank you for your daily updates, It helps me so much so I don't have to check the internet for hours every day. Just because of you. Have my blessing my friend, greetings from germany

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