Daily: Crypto is UP.. but is it a TRAP?!

Crypto markets have been rallying over the past 2 days on news that Coinbase custody is accepting institutional investors – is this a change in the tide or a bull …


  1. If everyone buys their favorite crypto-currency, like mine is Deeponion a little bit every fortnight when payday comes, you don't worry about your entry point no where near as much, belief is probably more important in a healthy market. I do feel the future is; hybrid, 51% attack resistant coins.

  2. I understand that it also currently cost app producers a lot to create apps on Eos due to current ram prices. I guess everyone is increasing the cost to make apps.

  3. Jsecoin for the best future.
    Believed or not it's ur choice :')
    why i choose ? this coin it so unique FOR ME. why ?
    u can searched on ur browser 😀

  4. People won't be Google-ing Bitcoin as much because prior, people were trying to learn exactly what it is, where to buy, and news concerning BTC.   Now, people know where to find out about crypto/BTC (other avenues-reddit, twitter, etc) and many now have a better grasp on what it is,—-so there's no need to Google it.    You should start, and include looking at:   # of new exchanges,  # of new exchange customers added (i.e. coinbase keeps track of this), and # of stores accepting crypto/BTC

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