Cryptotrader Episode – North American Bitcoin Conference

The biggest Crypto show in the world cover the North American Bitcoin Conference. This is where you will get all the latest trends . Interviews: Max Keiser WanChain Sean Walsh Tzero CG BLOCKCHAIN.


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  2. this all boulshit i dont have money to invest because i am poor sjo i stay poor and a lot of people going to be poor also if you follow this nonsense !!!! the rich get ritcher and poor get moor poor !!

  3. Max Keiser is a genius. His show deserves way more credit and attention then it gets. HIS show should be on CNBC. Did fast money recommend buying bitcoin at 3? NO, because they’re puppets that regurgitate nonsense. Screaming at each other to get ratings.

  4. Here we go with the stupid argument that a small number of wallets hold the vast majority of BTC. Implying that a few people own most of the BTC. While there are some people that own a lot of BTC, many of those wallets that have huge amounts of BTC are companies, exchanges and other entities that deal in BTC and hold it in cold storage and those wallets will have a lot of BTC and can be very misleading using this metric. While i would expect a lot of people not to know this fact and others to purposely mislead you. (bcash) I really lay the blame in this vid on Ran!!! for not bringing that up or pushing back a little. Since he is a Bcash shill, why would he just be honest about it when staying silent can make him money at your expense. No different from CNBC pumping ripple (XRP) at the VERY TOP REKTING a lot of new people. Ripple is not even a blockchain so don't trust anybody. DYOR.(sorry you cant use this guy as part of your research) Ran has been a little more honest as of late but this misleading interview with no push back, abusing new people who depend on him is just despicable.

  5. Oh my god man! what is this shit! Bitcoin Cash man? seriously? This is so much a delusion from you.. I used to watch your show but this is a real shame that you are taking the part of this scammers.. now you are with your friend Kelly shilling pump and dump shitcoins…

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